Monday, March 31

You Know You're Having a Bad Day when...

1.) You wake up really early only to find yourself stuck in major traffic.
2.) You cram a presentation in a span of thirty minutes, your heart stopping every ten seconds from the thought of not making it in time. Yeah - must remind're in the real world now. This isn't college. Winging it just doesn't have the same meaning as it used to..Sigh
3.) Your legs hurt from yesterday's sun worshipping activity - SUNBLOCK SUNBLOCK. damnit!
4.) You received gazillions of email - but none of which is from the Indonesian dude you have been waiting for for the past few days.... - You can't present without those samples!!!
5.) You suddenly got a last minute notice that the conference room you booked a week in advance for a competitive review session just wont push thru. Apparently something more important needs to transpire in that place. Scrambling up and down all over your building trying in vain to look for another room - defintely not a good feeling. Good thing the universe didn't completely screw you over and you were able to find a spare room in your former floor.
6.) You start to brighten up at the thought of being able to hug your boyfriend at the end of it all - only to find that leaning towards him can spell the pain of a thousand needles prickling your back. (yeah - your back is sore - but that's another story)

Friday, March 28

Must Do: Random Tagaytay Trip

March 21 2008. Together with the newest "it" couple, I met up with Jody and the chimpmunks at the Mamplasan Caltex station to crash Boyfriend's, Tong's and Lloyd's weekend :) Traffic sucked big time. Yummy pizza (at Bonjourno) was too die for. Texas hold'em experience at Casino Filipino still unchanged. Damn those old timers!! hehe... All in all one hell of a Saturday!

"I want more popcorn!!!"

Just chillin..

Manong goes down to practice his German

Tatler rated Bonjourno as the one of Tagaytay's Best

Highly recommended to order their quattro cheese pizza. Yum! The memory of Mozzarella is making me want to drive back there this instant.  Bonjourno serves authentic Italian dishes at very affordable prices.  Plus its view of the Taal Volcano is just pure awesomeness.

$$$: Very easy on the pocket. Php 500 is more than enough to satisfy even the glutton-ests cravings.

Bonjourno - located at Cliff House Tagaytay; contact # 046-4132102

For more things to do in Tagaytay, read Things to do in Exile Island

Thursday, March 27

Blank Space

It’s one of those days again when you have nothing to do. Boredom really kills you. You used to get by watching TV or laying still playing dead in your bed. But that just doesn’t hold the same zing as it once had. Trying to look for things to preoccupy your mind when so much heartbreak is going around is far more difficult than you originally anticipated. You thought of labeling your shoes – but then again, each one already has a picture attached to its box. You thought of hanging out at UCC with friends, but then again, you realized you are in that zone… You want to be alone. You have surfed every single site that you could possibly be interested in at the moment. Yeah thank god for wikipedia! (All hail the brains behind this monster dictionary) And then when you have exhausted all possible means to try and stay sane, you realize you haven’t allowed yourself to really feel everything that’s happening.

What you hate more than boredom itself, is the feeling of helplessness. Not that there’s an overwhelming desire to control everything (hmm then again, why else would your closet be arranged according to colors) but some things that you have zero control over are in fact those that matters the most…And yet like a five years old – you are completely powerless.

Staring at the blank space.

You dread having your phone rang…

Friday, March 21

Unedited Sample

Photo Shoot

It took five hours and about 169 shots before we decide to wrap things up. Great job guys! Art director: Rain, Model: Pinky, Set designer: Pammy, Camera: Canon EOS 350D. It was fun all in all. Too bad we weren't able to get our hands on ianeros. That would have made such a big diff in terms of lighting. We had to settle with make shift sets and lights. It was still a blast.

Thursday, March 20

The Day of the Shoot

Ok, i still can't function all that much... woke up really early today just because i had to take some practice shots before this afternoon's shoot. Yawn! Still taking a hit from last night's yet another late night...i wish i can say from all the partying but no...i just couldnt sleep. I knew i shouldnt have drunk that coffee from figaro after 8pm...Sleep deprivation sucks!