Saturday, September 26

Rain Rain Go Away...

You know that scene from the movie, The Day After Tomorrow? When New York was suddenly seiged by floodwater and there was chaos and confusion everywhere? Well, today, the streets of Manila looks exactly like that.  I'm a huge Filipino-lover so I hate to bash my beloved Philippines... But this has reached an insane level of incompetency! We cannot even withstand one freaking day of non-stop raining! (update: ok so it's reported that it's a month's worth of rain fall..shame on me for being ms. reklamdor!) We are completely paralyzed over Ondoy and worst properties and lives are being damaged in the process.

This one is from outside my sister's house.  And to think she lives in a freakin' posh village in the Greenhills area (along Wilson St.).  How can this happened? 

To whoever wins the 2010 elections I really hope that you spend huge amounts of money in fixing our drainage system (update: and buying MORE rescue rubber boats!!!). This is getting ridiculous. We can spend over Php 300 Million on stupid and seriously useless U-turn flyover slots along C-5 but we can't have a decent drainage across the metro?!?

Plus, why are there are only 13 freakin' rescue boats from our National Disaster Coordinating Counsil? How is that even possible?  Somebody please give me a logical reason for this utter blatant disregard for disaster prepareness.  13 rescue boats in a country surrounded by freakin' bodies of water!!! I am so mad and frustrated, especially since I know friends and family are affected. 

From Xavier High School (photos from the net, sorry will give proper creds once I find the source)

From Katipunan

I'm praying for all family and friends and everyone who's lives have been affected by Ondoy.  I hope tomorrow brings them some fabulous news to at least lessen the sting this typhoon has brought them today.  Perhaps the winning lotto numbers?

Please help those in need: Contact the Philippine Red Cross donation through SMS: text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)

Friday, September 25

Canine love at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf | The Philippine Star Lifestyle Features Pets

Yay! Silly blogger is always happy whenever random pictures or articles about/from her gets featured on a newspaper.  This was from last Saturday's edition of Phil Star.  And yes, it's going straight to my feeling-celebrity clearbook clippings - future little fiances and little Jakers after all needs to see what their silly mom was doing back then.

Tuesday, September 22

The Murtaugh List

Lola Syndrome: /adj/ a syndrome used to describe couple's, who have settled blissfully into domestication, weekend outings are sometimes traded for DVD marathon sessions at home.

Sunday, September 20

Let the downloading madness begins...

Ahhh I love September.  It's the time when my favorite TV shows come out of hiatus and the time when major networks release their new lineup.  And just like in a wedding, for this season, I have decided to watch something old and something new...

1. Gossip Girl

Spring 2010 Collection

Christian Siriano' Spring 2010 collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  He's by far my favorite Project Runway winner.  A bit cooky sometimes but definitely awesome (and hey he markets himself like a pro)

Saturday, September 19

Wedding 101: Cute DIY ideas

If you're like me and is not a huge fan of rather busy looking invitation cards, then opt for a classic one for your wedding invites and then go a wee bit crazier or poppier with your STDs.  Here's one idea from a real couple.  You can see the relationship time line on their STD.  How cool is that!

Photocred: My DIY Wedding Day

Oops...We Did it Again..

So last night, we had yet another embarrassing oops moment.  I was having dinner with girlfriends at Cajun, more on that later, and our topic soon turned to the not so urban myth creatures known as TDKs (/n/: tay-diok lang)

Tuesday, September 15

Perfect Pieces Photo Shoot

Guys, I'm sorry it's been mostly about house post of late.  I am quite the frustrated designer, you see.  Anyways, two Saturday's ago I had the pleasure of shooting for the catalog/brochure for Perfect Pieces.

Sunday, September 13

Must Try: Marathon Madness

The fiance and I were supposed to be home by 1030 last night.  This, so we could get enough shut eyes for the fun run today.  However, one bite led to another and 2 hours later we found ourselves still sitting with friends at UCC in Eastwood Mall.

Wedding 101: I heart Veluz Reyes

Yesterday afternoon, I had my third fitting with Veluz.  This was the first time I get to see what my gown looks like.  The first two fittings were really to just get the lining perfect.  And I can say with no shame whatsoever that this silly blogger has turned into one sappy mush.  Who knew!?

Tuesday, September 8

Fashion at the Ball

At the recent Star Magic Ball, ABS-CBN stars came out dressed to impress. I love Kim Chiu in Paul Cabral and Anne Curtis in Michael Cinco gowns.


Design Inspirations

Lately, I have seriously been giving going back to school a second thought. This after swearing to the heaven's up above that there's no way in hell I'm going back after graduating. But the more I think about it, the more certain I am that this is the next illogical step. A reverse natural progression of sorts.

Monday, September 7

A different kind of indie

Happy to report that I will get to watch this absolute funny from-the-looks-of-it film tonight. Heard a lot of good things about Kimmydora. I first saw the trailer while watching the Cinemalaya flick Colorum. My friend and I didn't know what to make of the trailer at first. But after a few seconds, it was just pure unadulturated laughter.

Thursday, September 3

Design Hunting: Cubao X

Last April, the design geniuses behind Heima opened its doors to us mere mortals. Soon, word of mouth quickly spreads, as quirky and kitchy designs became the IT items in every household.

The fiance and I have been enamored with the whole Cubao X scene. And not for pseudo artsy-fartsy cravings mind you, but rather for a far more glutton-like affair -- pizzas at Belinni's!!! So one lazy Saturdays, when we were back at Cubao X to satisy our tummies' desire, we stumbled upon this happy little store, Heima, and the rest as they say is history. Love at first sight still happens in this time and age, my friends.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

Happy couch. Who wouldn't be with this fabric detailings, right?

Sun Jars (LED lights inside)

More awesome stuff on their online store,

Perfectly located at the heart of indie spirit in Manila, Heima can be found inside Cubao X, Marikina Shoe Expo.
Contact Info: 0917-561-4346

Recessionista Fashionista

With the economy slowly making a turnaround for the better, you would think that silly shopaholic me would be back on the malls with a vengance. Partly true. But heck I have since grown wiser through this tough economic times and have decided to make money out of all my previously neglected clothes.

Last Saturday, at Corinthian Gardens, Jeanie, Pinky and I held our very first garage sale (as a trio). Huge turn out. We had to open the gates at 8am because there were already long queues building up outside. Who knew, right?

With such a successful first attempt, we're planning to make this whole garage sale a monthly affair now haha. Different village in each month. Lot's of clothes, shoes, bags that we need to find new owners of. Afterall we must make room for new CSBs in the closet.

----- . -----

Garage Sales are hard I tell you. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. But by 2 in the afternoon I was beat already. And we still had 3 hours of selling left to do.

So here's some helpful tips:

1. Tag everything. Choice tool: Masking tape and pentel pen. If there are three of you, best to put labels on each of the tags (JK 100 for jake, P for pinky and so forth)

2. Hand out flyers at least 2 weeks before the big sale. This gives potential buyers (in our case, the maids and drivers and construction workers of Corinthians) time to save up.

3. Each of you has to have a specific role. One should be the cashier, bagger, lookout. Lookouts are especially important. I don't know how many times we've said "Where's the blue jeans lying here awhile ago?"

Wednesday, September 2

Looking Forward: Crocs Marathon

Good friend Jigs alerted us to this particular event. An apparent marathon convert, he has been running and running AND running different marathons the past few months. In an effort to get off my lazy bleep, the fiance and I, together with other friends (still trying to convince Benny) signed up for the September 13 Crocs Fun Run on the SM Mall of Asia grounds. 5K baby, planning to finish this one before the 1-hour mark hits this time around.

There's a running clinic on the 6th of September for those who want to prepare for the event. Umm yeah I'm not yet on that level. I think we're going to sit this clinic out.

Next marathon, Adidas King of the Road. The fiance ran with Pammy and the rest of the gang last year. I, of course, slept soundly that morning. Too bad because the light blue singlet was an absolute gem to look at. Since we're planning to be health nuts this last two quarters of 2009, registering for this event is more and more looking like a go. Hmm I wonder if I can do that as early as now. It's a pretty nice singlet, noh?

Adidas KOTR is tentatively scheduled for October 25, 2009 Venue: Fort Bonifacio High Street

Must Try: Laser Tagging

My addiction with "How I Met Your Mother" has led to this next activity. After catching Barney geeking it while suited up, I thought it was high time for the gang to do so as well. So two Fridays ago we went to Market Market at Fort Bonifacio to beat up on kids. Ok, the last part was probably just me. I couldn't tag the adults, they were too quick and bully-proofed for some reason. Thereby making me concentrate all my tagging powers on these two kids I have dubbed as easy targets. MWAHAHA (Evil laugh)

Ok, that's geek-o me talking. Anyway LASER EXTREME was fun. Glad that I was able to drag my friends for 2 sessions. Dear Fiance was the top scorer on the first game. But Jaynie's guy out-tagged him on the second one. As for yours truly, glad to report I was only fourth to last! Woot!

Oh and geek fact # 101. My laser tag name was Reaver.

Quick facts:

Php 180/session, minimum of 2 sessions per group.
Better to do this if you're already 24 in a group. Unless of course if you are bully-proofed.

Tuesday, September 1

Countdown: 3 months to go

After a year of being engaged, 8 months of trying to plan the perfect wedding... it is officially just

90 Days before D-Day!

Our wedding partners in crime:

Wedding Gown: Veluz Reyes (love love love love, what more can I say???)

Contact details:

Groom's Tux: Randy Ortiz (The fiance saw an acquaintance wearing a Randy Ortiz suit on this one wedding we attended and immediately he was smitten.  This was one of the only things I remember him insisting upon.  So we didn't meet with any other designers for him.  Just like a good pair of CK underwear, it was Randy Ortiz or nothing at all apparently hee)

Contact Info: 0922-6006449, Office is at K-6th street Kamias, Quezon City

Entourage Couturier: Frankie De Leon (He did most of the bridal entourage for my sister's friends so I'm very confident with his designs and skills)

Contact Info: 0917-3999828; Shop is located at 1585 Eureka St., Makati City

Make up artist: Cathy Cantada.  Highly recommended by my gown designers Veluz and Niko plus she's a friend of Jean so was able to get a tinsy winsy discount.

Contact Info: 0917-8516608

Caterer: Gloria Mariz (I originally wanted to get Le Souffle but this was the only one thing that my future father in law insisted upon and so...)  We booked from the Greenhills branch.  I'm a bit antsy about the whole outside catering thing.  We still haven't finalized the menu with Gloria Mariz, because my MIL has been very busy the past few months. Hope to settle this before she and the fiance leaves for China next week.

Venue: One Esplanade (such a cool group of people to talk to. Very easy to deal with)

 Contact Info: 0922-8753927 look for Mabel

Church: Mary the Queen

Contact: 7229711 look for Noemi

Florist/Stylist: Tropical Blooms (I can't wait for Sept 10. Finally get to see the mock up for all the flowers and styling we have been talking about for months)

Contact: 09194433936 look for Angel 

Lights and Sounds: SNS lights and sounds (they're the ones who did Ryan-Judy Ann's wedding reception at Le Souffle)

Contact Info: 496-2845 look for Sarah

Music: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.  Met with MPO twice already.  Finalized all our songs and glad to note that Rodel's been very helpful.  Even agreed to learn a couple of songs that weren't part of their music library yet.

Contact Info: 0917-5374841 look for Rodel

Photographer/Videographer: Niceprint Photography (One of the very first suppliers we booked)

Contact Info: 6365505 look for Judith

Invitation: Printlane (very happy with Beth, she is by fat the most accommodating printer we've sought out) - - of course that's not ours (below) heehee

We're in the middle of closing the "deal" with another supplier. September is going to fly by so fast with all the wedding details we have to attend to plus history is not on our side. September has pretty much been the most hectic month for the fiance and I's social life. Sigh, sometimes I wish I really was anti-social! Or better yet, sometimes I wish I was Ms. M-I-A in parties. 90 days and counting... let the madness begins!

Photocreds: official websites for Randy Ortiz, Mary the Queen, Tropical Blooms and Printlane.