Friday, April 30

Fun in Boracay (part 2)

Been to the beaches of Hawaii, Phuket, Samal Islands and yet still nothing beats the warm powdery white sands of Boracay shores.  And so for the 8th time around, you found silly blogger with Hubby parading around stations 1 to 3 this summer.

Last month, I posted my top 5 activities to do when in Boracay, asides from of course drowning yourselves in excessive liters of Jonas shakes and Illusion shakers *note to self: high time to start regulating alcohol consumption level, first signs of aging are seeing the light of day*

We have already done 1. Reef Walking, 2. Parasailing, & 3. Flying Fish and so this silly blogger is glad to report that after this trip, Hubby and I have finally completed our to-do-list with 4. Zorbing & most especially 5. Cliff diving.

Ride the Zorb!!!  In my previous blog post I mentioned the two ways to enjoy zorbing! First is for the zorb guys to quarter-filled your giant inflatable plastic ball with water and roll you over the 20m-high hill at a 130m long ramp.  Speed aside, the water inside makes you glide smoothly downhill (umm, yeah unless you're Hubby and Dupree then bumps and elbowing ensues)  The other option is to wear the harness on each side of the zorb, thus allowing you to feel the zorb's movement when it's down and scarily enough when it's up. 


I have to give a huge shout out to Hubby's friend, Dex, for accompanying me inside the zorb.  You see, there's apparently a weight limit for the harness option (around 70kgs) and Supportive Delusional Wifey me thinks my sexy man of a Hubby was conned by the Zorb guys when they said he didn't make the cut.  Umm yeah, regular trips to the gym pro'lly made his muscles way too heavy for this activity *NOT a wishful thinking*.  Anyway, Hubby's friend had these final words of encouragement to say to silly blogger before we were rolled down the hill, praying for dear life.  "I blame you for this, Jake!!!"  *sheesh, way to build up my confidence there, Dex

I admit it got pretty scary, especially since I couldn't close my eyes (mamang mang-zozorb said it'll make you a whole lot dizzier if you shut your eyes tight) and I kept seeing myself being tumbled up and down, up and down.  But after awhile paranoia of death leaves and I start to really get into it.

No, we're not (night) sunbathing.

Crazy kids with nothing better to do!
We were waiting for the big pile of zorb, 
carrying my Hubby and Dupree to crush our tiny a$$ bones

Nasa huli ang lahat ng pagsisisi.  
In tears.  Who knew it was THAT heavy?!?

Single person inside the zorb (Php 500), Doubles (Php 380), Triples (Php 300) 
Located at Ilig-Iligan Yapac Boracay.
Contact: 0927 9085191 Look for Shirleyn Capula

Cliff Diving.  You'd think after jumping 233m (760+ ft.) high in Macau Tower, this would be an easy task for yours truly.  But NOOOOOO!  Once a scaredy cat, ALWAYS a scaredy cat.  I have given up trying to make sense of my desire to do extreme-sports activities at this point.  I always end up giving myself either A. a heart attack B. a blow by blow imaginary account of my death C. an honest-to-goodness cryfest.  

Afew minutes before we actually arrived at Ariel's Point, all of us were even making fun of the jump points.  Because a mere 3 meters away from the boat, it looked a tad too low, very much like something a 5 year old can do.  Big Mistake!

Silly blogger did two jumps.  One at the 45 feet level (my very first one) and the second one at the 7 ft. level.  Was supposed to do the 35 ft mark for my second jump but after standing there for over 10 minutes, all sorts of death defying crippling images have popped whatever miniscule of courage I was mustering.

It was purely awesome just the same!  Plus, Marc Nelson was there.  Cliff diving + Marc Nelson + Him without his shirt on = one hell of a hot fantastic time.

Ooooh Yeah!  His abs alone was worth every penny!

Located at Buruanga Islands
Contact: Ariel's Point at 036-288-4853

Photo creds: Nicholson Ong, WhenInManila & Boracay Beach Club


  1. Hahaha can't help but laugh over the video!! But you did it! I want to cliff dive too hehehe

  2. i know!! did you notice i have a heckler on video! hahaha :)) you are so going to love this im sure

  3. damn hecklers talga! imagine they're crazy enough to think i could alter certain biological feature :O

  4. Lovely photos, there a good atmosphere there. Where did you stay in boracay, is it good facilities there??

    Tanya Gemarin

  5. we stayed at Grand Boracay Hotel. It was nice there, clean rooms with cable and airconditioning plus swimming pool if you get tired of the beach