Tuesday, October 28

Reposting - Rascal Flatts

One Year Ago, posted this on my other blog site...

Your heart always goes out to that guy in the movies. That guy, the one who comes into the 2nd half of the picture after the unknowing lead character gets deserted by the lead guy. He comes in all nice and charming and eventually, lead actress gets swept off her feet. It doesn’t hurt that THE GUY is really such an eye candy. But we all know where this is going to end. Lead guy comes back. Shed his crocodile tears. There will be a few scenes of hesitation but cut to the next scene and poor ‘ol THE GUY gets left behind in the alter. Cue the sappy song.

It’s funny, you were this cynic who cringes at the site of couples holding hands. You and your best friend in fact used to make fun of couples walking pass by your usual spot during afternoons in Palanca. You thought that love was overrated and that things have a way of falling apart sooner or later.

Blame it on years of watching real life couples hook up, break up, make up, break up and make up again or never hooking up at all…You always held your head high and preached to no one in particular that you will never succumb to that phase. All the while, almost falling for someone who just wasn’t right. And realizing he really wasn’t right but nonetheless thinking for months on end that maybe, just maybe he was the one. And maybe all the drama, all the hurt and all his shortcomings could have been drowned by that one single fact, that he could have been the one…

And so you hoped. And you think things will change.

And you lie to your friends. And you lie to yourself. You put on your mask. You pretend you’re ok. And you hoped some more.

And then one day you wake up.

You start to see..The could-have-been’s, they are called that precisely because they are that. If you stop romanticizing all the drama, the excitement, the uphill and downhill of emotions you’ve had experienced, you will come into the realization that, that could-have-been, well, he was actually a jerk, or she demanded too much out of you, or he wasn’t ready to commit, she wanted her way all the time, or he was just using you to get over someone else, she was stringing him along and so many more reasons that made the whole affair an excruciatingly exciting ordeal.
But you don’t see that at the beginning. And you think, this has to be love or something equally intense as that, why else would you feel this overwhelming sense of loss. (although you would never allow yourself to admit that to anyone, much less to him) Months after, you still hold on to that notion that he/she was the one! And your mind begins to rationalized what happened…If only the timing was right, if only no words were left unspoken, if only she was more like her, if only you didn’t have that fight, if only you had taken back those words, if only you’d call, …if only, if only.

Your mind is suddenly plague with all these illusions of grandeur. Of all the wonderful possibilities based on the if-only’s.

And you hoped. And you wonder. And you hang on.

And then one day you are ok. You don’t know how that happens but it just does.

Take it from someone who swore off from dating after the crash and burn run-in with a could-have-been…things get sooooo much better when you meet that person, the one who’ll make you want to start seeing sappy movies. The one who will not make you doubt yourself. Who will not make you latch on to false hopes. The one who will go through any lengths not to see you hurt. You see, when you finally meet that person, you realized, it doesn’t have to be that complicated, that dramatic. That there is beauty in its simplicity. That you could be happy just sitting side by side eating god knows what. That there’s someone out there willing to do just about anything to see you smile and to go about his life making sure that that smile gets a teeny weeny bit wider each day.

And yes, you are now a reformed cynic, much to the amusement of your friends.

Monday, October 27

Faking It - The Diary of a Psuedo Rocker

Over Sashimis and Maki’s my best friend accuses me of being a faker. Her theory of course is stemming from her mistaken belief that I love pop music and claims otherwise so as not to belittle the press release that I am into alternative rock and of late some indie rock.

So this is an open letter to Dear Best Friend (hehe peace man)

I never said I do not like pop music. By mere definition, pop music is of/by popular choice. It is mainstream and definitely catchy. I would bop my head for sure when Mmmbop plays on the radio. Even sing along many Boyband songs over Karaoke. And yes, my secret shame was that when I was 13 I went to watch a 98 degrees concert! :( But this is not to say that these kind of songs are my favorite choices.

I think I am one of those silly people who place such a huge emphasis on music in their lives. Seriously! I have a song for every momentous event or depressing state of my existence. Listen to Nirvanna and Live when I am depressed. To Ben Folds and K’s Choice, when I am sad. To U2 and Lifehouse, when I am in love, and a lot of poppy rock song when I am happy.

Playlist Itenerary
First serious crush song: When love and hate collide (Def Leppard)
First love song: With or Without You (U2)
Ultimate break up song: Let Me Go (Three Doors Down)
Imagining he is heartbroken over me song: Brighter than Sunshine (Aqualung)
I-can’t-believe-he-hasn’t-realized-it’s-me song: Far Away (Nickelback)
Quarter-life crisis song: Why Georgia (John Meyer)
Heartbreak while drinking song: Grace is Gone (Dave Matthews)
Relationship#1 song: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Gin Blossoms)
The Luckiest (Ben Folds)
A Long December (Counting Crows)
I want to be alone and cry song: Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)
Would be relationship #2 song: A lack of color (Deathcab for Cutie)
Love story with Dear Fiance: Collide (Howie Day)
Everything (Lifehouse)
Could Not Ask for More (Edwin Mccain)
Family drama: Butterflies Instead (K’s Choice)
Other dramas in the world song: Karma Police (Radiohead)
Smile (Damian Rice)
Scratch (Crash)
Stuck in a Moment (U2)
Undefeated song: Such Great Heights (Postal Service)
Treadmill song: Far Away (Nickelback)
Annoying boss song: Smile like you Mean it (The Killers)

Tuesday, October 21

I Spy with my Eyes

Some outfit posts (a.k.a vanity shots)

Meeting Day.

Cardigan: Zara
Dress: Plains & Prints
Shoes: Nine West
Accessory: Hairband from SM

Chillaxing Saturday Attire.

Cropped Cardigan: Zara
Top: Sleeveless yellow flowy blouse from Plains & Prints
Shorts: People are People
Sandals: Dressing Room
Cap: SM dept store
Accessory: Leather handband from bazaar

Flower accessory pinned at the cardigan: Free from bazaar

gladiator sandals - archeology area at Rockwell

Lazy Sunday Attire. Going to Dear Fiance's house for some series marathons

Top: H&M Vest: Terranova Skirt: Terranova Knee High Socks: Fashionpill Checkered Sneakers: Vans

Wedding To Do List 101

It’s seriously hard to plan a wedding! I am just thinking about all the things that needed to be done before the BIG day and already it’s enough to make my head throb with aches and pains.

After setting the date, the next big thing on our list is to secure the venue. For 500 guests, what's the best way to arrange the wedding reception? Should we do a hotel reception or an NBC-tent like set-up. If it’s a hotel, there are many choices again that must be drilled down still. Edsa Shangri-la? Sofitel? Mandarin Oriental? A friend even suggested Holiday Inn in Manila. On the other hand, if it’s an NBC-Tent like set-up, where exactly then? The NBC tent? One Esplanade? World Trade? (hehe). Another consideration we must factor in is that if we do decide against a hotel reception, which caterer do we get? Bizu? Le Souffle? Via Mare? Gloria Mariz?

Waaaaah. 1 year. 1 month. 9 days to go.

Weekend Wanderlust: Tagaytay

Weekend day tripping to Tagaytay. Or should I say night tripping as we arrived there around dinner time already. There were no definite plans but one way to lure Dear Fiance’s best pal was by saying we were Casino Filipino bound. Besides I had “double your money” coupons for Casino Filipino worth 7 grand that I had to use before the 31st, what better way than to share it with friends, right?

Traffic was horrible. We took the Coastal Road, a sad horrific error in judgement that should not be repeated ever – cursing ourselves the entire time as our asses hurt from being stuck in the car for more than three hours long. Good thing Dear Fiancé had the foresight way back to install a mini TV on his car. Watching wacky reality show “I survived a Japanese Game” definitely took some of the tension out of the vehicle. We were about ready to turn and head back to Manila. Seriously!

While waiting for Dear Fiancé’s friends to arrive (they stopped over at Paseo Sta Rosa for some drinking spree) we had dinner at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast. Love the ambiance there – very chic and classy. One of these days I would just love to stay at the I-Dare room. As for our meals, we had the large Baby Back Ribs (Php 500++), onion rings plus some shrimpy appetizer. Food at the Hawaiian Barbecue need not be that expensive if you order to share.

Since the main purpose was to go to Casino Filipino, after dinner we all head there to tempt fate. I swear I was really lucky that night. Where-ever color I placed my bet at, is where the balls landed. Thank you gambling gods! Dear Fiancé and I were initially at a winning streak. Jean got her money back and decided to split while Dear Fiancé’s friends unfortunately weren’t as lucky.

Final stop of the night? Mamplasan gas station. We stayed there until almost 2 in the morning hanging out outside Starbucks while the boys plan their wedding roles, speeches and a bunch of other schemes and shenanigans

Tagaytay Branch: The Boutique Bed & Breakfast, 45 Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City, Cavite contact: (046) 413-1885, (046) 413-1798, (046) 860-2716, (0927)363-2660

Saturday, October 18

Current Obsession: My Little Angel

Ok, my sister's little angel is more accurate

Before leaving for yet another day tripping to Tagaytay later this afternoon, i just wanted to upload a couple of cutesy images courtesy of my ever growing but always adorable niece. She will be turning 1 two months from now. And dear god-parent moi is getting excited with party planning for her celebration!

Sigh how time flies...she was just this small before..

But now...look at her, she's already a rockerstar princess!

Cheap Thrills and Bargain Hunting

Two Thursdays ago, i had to tend to future wifely duties by attending one of the meetings of Rotary Club at Century Park wherein Dear Fiance' dad is the president of. Didn't want to show up late, I did my stealth mode from the work place (that was only 530 afterall - havent clocked in the usual 12 hours of slavery) and was about an hour early for the meeting. Having enough time to burn, future MIL told Dear Fiance and I to just walk around first. With that suggestion, no doubt this shopaholic's legs directed her straight to...the nearby SM of course..The Place To Be! (alang naman Harizon Plaza, horrors!)

They truly do have everything there at SM. And while i shuddered at the thought of wearing shoes made from the deparment store - just because my feet are gigantic and they would hurt like hell - parading around the accessory aisle is another subject. You changed accessories so often anyways, might as well get some of them at dirt cheap prices, right?
Items bought:

Php 150.00 Trucker Hat

Php 150.oo Newsboy Hat

Php 25.oo Plain Hairbands Php 79.oo Polkadot-Styled Hairband

Tuesday, October 14

What's This?!? Web Scanning

Ohmi goodness. I just recently discovered that my posts are being seen also via this link. Hmm scantily clad women as ads… I don’t think dear father would approve when he finds out about this. http://smusics.bulby.net/redirect/jakersfakersmusic.html

Monday Nights = Badminton Nights?!?

What could be more horrific for a sloth like me than to hear the words – "Mondays would officially be our Badminton night" from the boss. Que Horror! No sooner than those words were echoed that my mind started to think of various excuses I could come up with. Asthma. Sprained ankle. Brain damage. Oxygen deprivation.?!? Unfortunately none came out (was that fear i smell?) and I was forced to give out a yes.

And so with a heavy heart, last night I ventured into my first physical activity since – hmm…hmmm… it’s been so long that the memory has faded already. Surprisingly, after the activity, there were no aches and pains in the bone as I originally predicted. I must be made out of tougher stuff than I imagined.

Looking Forward: Project Runway Philippines

The title should more aptly read, looking forward despite certain circumstances...

I’m pissed. I was supposed to watch the live finale of Project Runway with my best friend in tow, or me in tow (she’s the one with the invites afterall). However due to yet another work related activity, instead of the runway I will be stuck along the highways going to Baguio that day.

Huff and Puff. Although I haven’t been able to religiously catch all the episodes of the show, I have been a fan of the US version of the show and this translated to an immediate affinity to its local counterpart. Nevermind if Rajo Laurel sometimes bothers me when he makes his judging comments. He is no Michael Kors that’s for sure. But i love love Jojie Loren, he is like Tim Gunn without trying to hard, even if he says "work, work, work" intentionally mocking Gunn, he still comes off as adorable.

Amongst all the franchised reality shows brought over to this side of the Pacific - i actually thought they did PR a pretty good justice (hmm Philippine's Next Top Model or Philippine Idol, agree?). It's a good thing also that it is being shown at ETC - a channel that's defintely more atuned to its target market.

One of the contestants, Eli was/is actually a professor for Saint Benilde. I don't know if that is something Benildians are proud or ashamed of. Try catching some of the replays on Youtube and you'll get my point. (He can be soo annoying at times!) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-IAHui4gSs&feature=PlayList&p=264C78914B248001&index=0
What i loved/hated about the show is the fact that the 95% of the time the designers felt the need to address the audience in English. Nevermind if their tongues got twisted 360 degrees in trying to construct a simple sentence to either refute or acknowledge the judge's claim. They sound a lot less smarter tuloy than they would have had, had they only spoken in Filipino. It's Project Runway Philippines afterall.
But that being said, I am still pissed. I wanted to watch the finale!!!
PRP is being shown every Wednesdays at ETC

Monday, October 13

Looking Forward: November 29, 2009 - The BIG day

You opened the papers and global depression or economic meltdown headlines are what greets you. While being plunge into circa 1920s poverty state is frightening enough, the thought is doubly magnified when you are planning to get married in the near future. Certain ideas pop into your mind - do you minimize wedding expense to stave off future starvation? Afterall it's just one day compared to the rest of your lives, right? But then - you go watch the Us Girls special of Cheska Garcia's wedding and you realize - hell - the inner girly girl in you wants all that! The over the top frou-froup wedding!

And since you and Dear Fiance were finally able to find a date for your wedding - (thank you feng sui gods - that only took you 4 and half months -huff and puff! at the rate you were first going i thought Dear Fiance would have been given a chance to change his mind!! :P ) anyway, since the drama that was finding the date is officially closed you have taken the first steps to bridezilladom. Bring on the OC-fested gnatt chart, the theme and motif pegs, the powerpoint and colored print outs and so much more that Dear Fiance has openly verbalized, probably fearing bridezilla tantrums in the future, that when it comes to the frou frou and the design ideation he will just be in it for the ride, or to be exact he will just be nodding along throughout the ride. Granted - your OC-fested gnatt chart would make room for cost visibility for him. Oh darn!

I Spy with my Eyes

Random outfit post

Saturday: Dinner with the girls plus attending Monsy's Birthday party

Top: Metrowalk bazaar/Shorts: Bee/Knee High socks: Fashionpill/Clutch: T/Hairband: SM Department Store

Must Try (or not!): Solihiya

Friday night, Dear Fiance and I met with our very own version of Meredith Grey for dinner and drinks. Since we wanted to veer away from usual spots in Rockwell and Fort we decided to try the line of restaurants along Greenbelt 5. John and Yoko is a great Japanese place. With similar owners as Sumo Sam – the place reminds you of S2 only a bit more upscale. Despite Japanese cravings, we wanted to try something different so our stomachs led us to Solihya Restaurant.

For our appetizer, we ordered the jelly fish and Century Egg Salad – Apart from the very bland taste, the serving size is seriously lacking for the price. Dear Fiance and I thought that maybe this predicament would only apply for their appetizer – until they brought in our other orders. Sad Face. Imagine your platitos at home – that’s how much your Php 300 would travel for a dish.

Don’t get me wrong, the place definitely has a nice interior feel to it. High end native decors spruce up the place. The food wasn’t bad also – healthy mix of Filipino and Chinese dishes on their menus. But in this author’s opinion – nothing too exceptional about the resto to rave about!

Location: 3rd Level Greenbelt 5
Contact: 729-8744

Tuesday, October 7

The 15th Hour

September and October is planning season for us. And this spells 14 hour long meetings, out of town sessions with little leeway to sneak out and so much more that it makes you wonder sometimes... if we eradicate the concept of meetings, will we be less efficient?!

- . -. - . - .

The problem with thinking you are a loner only with many friends is that people assume that you can be perky at will, when you know you can be the anti-christ sometimes.

- . - . - . - .

It's seriously funny looking back when you realized you have spent half a day's energy to stop and analyze what has transpired over a ym conversation. It's a girl thing, you take. You just can't help it sometimes. You want to know the meaning (behind the meaning) behind the word. Even as sometimes, that meaning is staring you straight in the screen. And so a caucus is convened. And thoughts are expressed. However, in the words of some ermetanyo out there "Too many cooks spoil the soup". Hee... But it's still fun to join in the analysis don'tcha think?

Much Ado Over Nothing

Hmmm. People seriously need to revamp their sense of humor. Or stop watching comedy shows altogether. If jokes about Filipino characters on a BBC show is now taboo, have we gone to that point werein anything not good said about us is immediately a cause for unifaction by those acronym organizations: one voice decrying the blasphemy of another country?!? Good Lord!

A friend sent an email regarding the bonfire that was Ateneo's way of celebrating their victory in the last UAAP. And by the looks of the article, i am made to assume that there's an on-going debate/discussion over this (lots of angry alumnis apparently). Was it done in good taste. Hell No! Think they got carried away? Probably (they don't win championships in basketball that often you know..cheers!). But does it merit a serious discussion worthy of epic proportions? Hmmmm. Again, people need to seriously rewire their definition of comedy - Be a little less delicate. Either that or you go watch AFC all the time. I'm sure nobody gets offended by the food network!


Couch Potato Series: One Tree Hill

I just finished season 4 and 5 of One Tree Hill. Yes that's what insomnia can do to you. I used to like One Tree Hill, nevermind that its plot revolves around the lives of the seemingly feeling tragic drama teens. It was able to hold my attention for the past two season and darn it if I start letting go now.

Spoiler alert:

One thing that I liked about Season 5 is that they skipped the entire college years. We all know that teen shows that started in High School always end up with disastrous scripts once they move on to college (case in point: Dawsons Creek, The O.C.). Its just not possible given the dynamics in the States, for all the main characters to still be going to the same school once they finish High School. So instead of that ackward scenes where you as the viewer squirm at your seats wishing they did not do this sacrilege to your once darling show - S5 fast forwards to their lives months after college graduation. Haley and Nathan are with a this adorable 4 year old kid, Nathan's basketball glory days are behind him due to a stupid accident, Lucas has become a full-time writer with a new fiance, Brooke is now a glorified Paris Hilton, only with a more successful clothing line and Peyton well, somethings never change..Peyton is still pining over Lucas.

That's the only thing that drove me to pure frustration. If you watch all 40 plus episodes on one go..you get pretty much solved that puzzle piece of how Peyton's mind work. - Big drama queen who thinks tragedy will befall her anytime. And she keeps on stealing Lucas back! Damn it! I want an original storyline please. That episode run the first and second season already - I had to sit through to more new seasons of that! I always hate the lead female character in teen shows, because for some strange reasons writers seem to want her to be neurotic, chasing after someone with a boyfriend in the guise of "first love never dies" syndrome. Blech!

My future SIL has taken the task of downloading S6 of One Tree Hill, I'm hoping based on S5's cliff hanger that Lucas DID not picked Peyton.

Sunday, October 5

Must Try: Bugsy's Night Out

There's a new place to hang out now that Moksha has officially been overtaken by most everyone we know. Bugsy's bar and bistro. Located at City Golf in Julio Vargas. It offers cheap beers (around Php 35 per bottle), yummy bar snacks and an ultra steady atmosphere. (It doesn't hurt that the waiters are decked out in mobster-inspired outfits - the ladies even had some real mustache growing haha!) Last Saturday the girls plus Dear Fiance and Fred grabbed some drinks and swapped horror stories. For those who are annoyed by second hand smoke, it might be best to ask to be sitted outside 'cause 10pm spells lighting up indoors. It's a great place to hang especially if you just want to comfortably chill, has that neighborly bar feel to it. The best part, Fred's got a tab there! (Hmm tries to think of sneaky scheming ways)
Note: Food is pretty cheap. Must Try Recommends: Beef Tenders and Fish and Chips.
Located at Unit C 105 City Golf Julio Vargas Avenue Pasig City Philippines
Contact info: 489-4985

Caveat Venditor (Buyers Beware!)

Serious damper on an otherwise perfect Saturday. I just found out that someone dear to me got swindled by this site http://bestonlinestore889.multiply.com. This site is nothing but a haux. Luring poor hard working folks with promise of cheap gadgets. A con-artist who steals your money and never delivers what was promised. Through some detective work we found out that he has transferred the money he stole through p2p via g-cash to this number 0906-333-44-22. Karma's a bitch and i hope it bites Alex Recalde's ass bad! Feel free to text or threaten him at 0917-9368382.

Friday, October 3

Almost Famous

For the wannabe retiree in me, the thrill of getting featured in the papers or magazines never gets old. However for the nth time event organizers cannot seem to find the link between a man's name and my oh so angelic face. (cheers!) Who the hell is LAKE CUA?

Event: Arenas Farewell Party by Adidas September 24, 2008 Philippine Daily Inquirer
With Rain, Pammy, Me, Pinky

Thursday, October 2

Random Weekends

We finally met up with our architect last Saturday. Our architect slash friend since elementary years hehe. It all seems so grown up. This is the first big step we have taken since we got engaged. So despite the fact that we don't know yet when the BIG day is, we are forging ahead with our renovation plans.

I'm so excited. If I had the talents to draw I would want to pursue a career in interior decorating. However since my stupid hands don’t seem to want to cooperate the corporate jungle it is. We finally managed to solve our dilemma regarding the walk-in closet, the breakfast nook and of course the bathrooms.

Imagine one year from now, Dear Fiance and I will officially live on our own. Sigh. If that doesn't perk me up when I'm down I don’t know what will.

Ducks in a Row

There comes a point in your life when you realize letting go should never be immediately dismissed as being cowardly.

You are currently in the process of rearranging your ducks. Sorting. And reprioritizing what is important. It's scary. When you realize that all your excuses are just that - excuses - you are left with the reality that maybe now is the time to chase for your dreams.