Friday, April 30

Fun in Boracay (part 2)

Been to the beaches of Hawaii, Phuket, Samal Islands and yet still nothing beats the warm powdery white sands of Boracay shores.  And so for the 8th time around, you found silly blogger with Hubby parading around stations 1 to 3 this summer.

Thursday, April 29

Looking Forward: Pearl Farm

Coming soon this July!!!  

I know we just got back from Boracay, but I can't wait for our next trip to Davao.  Resort has been booked and packages have been settled (me thinks).  Albeit the summer season would be over by then, silly blogger cum beach bum can't hardly wait to parade around in her not-so-tiny bikini over at Pearl Farm.  Hopefully, the Nestle 14-day challenge and other hunger-busting-to-die-for diet tricks would pan out nicely by then.

Photocred: Pearlfarm

Food tripping in Japan

Our very first taste of Japanese food came straight out of a bento box. No kidding.  On our way to Odaiba, our oh-so-polite tour guide handed us nicely wrapped bento box for merienda (snack).

Umm yeah, if this is what they're trying to pass off as merienda
it's no wonder I keep gaining those unwanted lbs!

Some Rootote Loving

I seriously need to buy me one of these stylish totes! Hee.  Loving their Campbell Soup design :D It really is high time to retire my plain-'ol Envirosax even if it was a gift from dear friend.  Time to upgrade!

Rootote is locally distributed by Limebasil.  Check out her site for more info.

Location: Hakone

Kitkat on my Mind

In between being psuedo-culture vultures, Hubby and I were also on a major Kitkat prawl all over Japan.  As part of our Kitkat police duties, we made sure to head over to whatever convenience store that comes our way.  If only to stumble upon the weird-weirder Kitkat flavors the Japanese have come up with.

Knowing my food issues, it has become a major challenge not to roll my eyes and gag at the sight of some of the flavors their overly creative mind have dreamed of, but of course dear Hubby took this time as an opportunity to act as the perfect/ideal Marketer's Dream that he is and buy each and every flavor.

 Surprisingly despite the name, I kind of like this one.  
It just tasted like white chocolate!

Friday, April 23

Al Gore in Manila

We are so there!!! Mark your calendars guys, June 8.  Happy fingers are already speed dialing Ticketnet for our reserved seats!

Platinum (Reserved Seating)  Php15,840
Gold (Reserved Seating) Php 10,560
Silver (Reserved Seating) Php 5280
Bronze (Reseved Seating) Php 1056

For more info, contact Ticketnet at 911-5555

update: boo! Hubby and I were unable to get tickets for this. Apparently they have been sold out weeks before.

Thursday, April 22

Trip to Tokyo (part 3)

Ahhh. Tokyo.  Our last stop to this whirlwind of a trip.  We were glad to be given another go at Tokyo since there were still loads of places we haven't been to despite our first 4 days stay here.

First silly blogger was super thrilled to discover that our hotel booking worked once again.  And Hotel Villa Fontaine Shiodome was worth every penny.  *Hmm, me thinks we were super lucky to get it at a really good rate*  It was within walking distance from the sites we wanted to visit, Ginza, Tsukiji and 1 train ride away from Harajuku. *ahhhh love!*

Trip to Himeji

Except for Himeji-jo there's really nothing to see in this place. Heehee.  On our way back to Kyoto from Hiroshima, we decided to make a brief stop to Himeji (about an hour or so away from Hiroshima using the Shinkansen - thank you Japan Rail Pass!)  Dear Hubby and I were laughing the entire time because the moment we stepped out of the train, everything in the city served to highlight it's number 1 attraction, Himeji-jo.

Trip to Hiroshima

This one, we would never forget. Probably the most interesting poignant place we've been to in the whole of Japan.  The whole area was just so deeply rooted to modern history that it's hard not to get affected.  Let alone be emotional.

We woke up really early that day to be able to catch the Shinkasen going to Hiroshima. Thank you Japan Rail Pass for our unlimited use of Japan's local transportation.  Hiroshima is a good 332 kilometers from Osaka, and it took us about 2 hours to arrived at Hiroshima Station.  Upon arrival,  we headed over to their local tourist office (located inside the station) and ask for directions and maps.  We took the tram (tram#6) that takes you right outside the Atomic Bomb Dome.

Trip to Kyoto

In Kyoto, we couldn't walk a block without seeing either a temple, a shrine or a castle.  I know I've said before that you've seen one temple, you've seen them all, but that adage does not apply when you're in Kyoto.  There's just something impeccably wonderful about the ancient architectural detailing of these places.

Kyoto is known as the eternal ancient capital with over 1,200 years of history to its name.While there, the Hubby and I made sure we visit the 2 places listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Universal Studios, Japan

Another day, another theme park.  Hubby and I might be in our mid twenties (and will stay there for the remainder of the next five years IMO) but we are absolute kids at heart.  Silly blogger thinks that we probably were more excited to see Elmo, Cookie Monster, Hello Kitty and the rest of the gang than the kids 1/5th our age.

DisneySea, Japan

Truly the happiest place on earth!  We rode all the different attractions (umm except for those with height limit *kahit pambata papatusin namin, but the one time I didn't mind falling short was the one time I'm too tall for things*) and watched as many shows we could catch.

Trip to Osaka

After 5 days of being with the World Destination’s tour group, the Hubby and I finally ventured on our own and travelled 550 kilometers from Tokyo all the way to Osaka.  It took us just about 2 1/2 hours to get to Shin-Osaka Station.  I’m in love with Japan’s railway system by this time.  Do you know that they are so meticulously precise?  Our Shinkansen was set to leave around 9:43am and 10 seconds afer said time, the door closes and off it goes. Nice.   Wish we could develop the same value for time here.
We were fortunate enough to get a booking at Hotel Granvia Osaka, which was right inside the Osaka station. (This doesn’t sound weird at all if you realized that they have 5 grand malls inside the station plus a number of other fancy hotels)

Trip to Hakone - Mt. Fuji

No trip in Japan would be complete without spending at least a day touring and viewing the magnificently picturesque Mt. Fuji.  This conical volcano has become a symbol of Japan and its soul, so says our guide book *hee*.  Standing 3,776m above sea level it is especially amazing during spring when snow has just about melted, except for the area covering the peak of the volcano.  Absolutely a sight to behold. *jaw drops*

Wednesday, April 21

Trip to Nikko Edomura

On our 3rd day, World Destinations took us to Nikko Edomura for some back to the past ninja and samurai actions.  It's about 2 hours or so drive from Tokyo.  I recommend going to this place for visitors who are interested in learning more about the history and culture of Edo period Japan.

Trip to Tokyo (part 2)

  The view of Tokyo Tower from afar

First stop of the day was at the famed Tokyo Tower.  Built in 1958, the tower stands 333m high just a wee bit higher than that other famous tower over at France.  It is actually the world's tallest self supporting steal tower.  However unlike the Eiffel, this one is actually used for broadcast purposes and not just romantic interludes.  We were treated to a panoramic view of the city in the main observatory located at 150m level even better was the special observatory high up at 250m.

Trip to Tokyo (part 1)

Like most everyone who visited Japan for the first time, Dear Hubby and I were saddened to ride the Narita Express train back to the airport. It could only mean one thing… it’s time to say, Sayonara Japan! *sad face*

Friends know that I have been obsessing about this trip for months on end, and glad to say that our 12 day vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun was a hugggggeeely amazing experience. In the words of Barney Stinson, it was LEGEND… wait for it… DARY!!!

Anyway as promised, here are some photos from our trip.

For the first 5 days we joined a tour group organized by World Destinations as part of Dear Hubby’s incentive trip from work. *claps claps*

Wednesday, April 14

Greetings from Japan

It's our 6th day here.  Finally got hold of internet connection here *smiles*.  Been so busy the past few days with all the sight seeing and jaw dropping that I really didn't have time to open my cell phone much less my emails.  Kind of feels nice not to be so tied down though.

So far we have enjoyed and experienced a number of absolutely awesome things, some highlights include: our Hakone trip, Mt. Fuji sighting, Disneysea adventure, Geisha watching, Japanese food eating, temple hopping,  Tokyo bay dinner cruising, and Nikko Wonderland (pseudo) time traveling. I heart Japan!!!

I'll be sure to post more about Hubby and I's first trip to Japan.  But for now, it's time for another round of city adventure :))

Wednesday, April 7

I wanna be a yogi bear

 4th quarter of 2009 found silly blogger giving the whole healthy living a try.  Thought it was high time, seeing as my 20-something body is starting to feel aches and pains like a 50 year old baby boomer.  Joined in on a couple of marathons, started to eat less junk food and watched alcohol consumption drop to a consdierably reasonable level.  

So in continuing with the healthy lifestyle, I decided to enroll myself in a 15 session yogilates class.  Enter Jill Ngo-Crisologo of Peak Performance.   

Tuesday, April 6


Four months late :D Here's our wedding video.  I'm super happy with Niceprint for this.  They pulled off exactly what I was going for.  Plus it's Coldplay on the background *super melt*.

For more wedding details from this reformed bridezilla, click on this link.

Photo cred: Niceprint

Monday, April 5

Fun in Boracay

Last year, I attended the Nestle Beach Volley at Boracay, together with my NPI work mates.  It was also my first trip there with Hubby's friends.  They have made going to Bora a summer ritual of sorts, me thinks. And so for the nth time in their lives, the Hubby and his band of brothers are going back to Boracay this April - I think his friends have got it in their heads that Boracay needs them during the summer season for a much unrequited drunken mayhem. Hee.  But what do I know, they always seem to end up having the time of their lives.

Thank gawd though that for this year there are some really cool activities planned.

All I want for Christmas...

8 months to go and I am already wishing starting my Christmas list. Hee.  I loved the new "trash" bag from LouisVuitton's Spring/Summer 2010.  Unfortunately it seems a tad too rich for my blood at $1,996.  If it were more classic looking, it's probably worth considering.  But I worry the bag-high I'll get from carrying this will not even last me 1 out of the 12 days of Christmas.

Sunday, April 4

Food tripping in Tagaytay (part 100 hee)

After promising to the high heavens that I shall stay strong with pending diet plans, what did me and my Hubby did yet again last Thursday?  Well, pig out of course!  The stain of our Cebu gluttony has not even been removed and yet here we are eating our way to another added not to mention dreaded 4 pounds.  Tsk tsk tsk.  I'm so afraid that I am seriously considering banning stepping on the weighing scale for now.  I promise to get back on track with the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge after this! Promise!!

Saturday, April 3

Food tripping in Cebu

This is the third part in the series of Cebu post.  I love it there! The sand, the sun but most of all I love their oh so yummy food!

Day 1. We were pretty much all about eating at Ayala Mall.  After all it was the closest to the hotel and we didn't want to be stuck inside a cab yet again.  Our first meal at Cebu was at Big Mao.  It's a Chinese restaurant that hugely reminded me of Superbowl hee.  Note to self: Must take charge of ordering when traveling with the Hubby and B-i-l - so as not to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of dishes.