Wednesday, April 21

Trip to Tokyo (part 1)

Like most everyone who visited Japan for the first time, Dear Hubby and I were saddened to ride the Narita Express train back to the airport. It could only mean one thing… it’s time to say, Sayonara Japan! *sad face*

Friends know that I have been obsessing about this trip for months on end, and glad to say that our 12 day vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun was a hugggggeeely amazing experience. In the words of Barney Stinson, it was LEGEND… wait for it… DARY!!!

Anyway as promised, here are some photos from our trip.

For the first 5 days we joined a tour group organized by World Destinations as part of Dear Hubby’s incentive trip from work. *claps claps*

At the airport. I was a bit confused when I first used their toilet. And like the complete tourist that I am proceeded to take a picture *bows head in shame* I know Japan is pretty modern and very big in technology but this was ridiculously something else imagine sliding doors in each cubicle hehe.

This was one of their lounges in the airport. Looks more like a museum, if you ask me

Before checking in at Hilton Tokyo, we made a brief stop at Odaiba, where silly blogger laughed at the site of the mini Staute of Liberty replica. Of course in between bouts of giggles, I took that as a sign to start being a complete photo-hog.

Our first cherry blossom tree sighting

Rainbow Bridge. This suspended bridge is 918m long and connects Odaiba and Shibaura. You can even walk on the footpath to enjoy the view.

Fuji TV Headquarters. There are many shops inside plus the globe-shaped observatory is open to the public.

We had dinner at a nearby restaurant where my salmon sashimi craving was finally satisfied. But dear Hubby as usual was craving for his regular after dinner meal hence we decided to go to Piss Alley (don't ask me, it;s really called that!) in nearby Shinjuku  where rows of yakitori, ramen and noodle shops were ever so present.

To be continued :)


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