Friday, June 25

Trip to Poro Point

Another one of those on a whim kinda trips.  After seeing the gorgeous photos of Thunderbird Resort from a friend's Facebook page, we immediately fell in love with this Greek-inspired paradise nestled in a scenic cliff in La Union and decided to book ourselves a 3 day getaway.

It's been a long time since we've had a real road trip (anything less than 5 hours on than road is just considered a less than average butt sore joyride)  And I really appreciate seeing the countryside once again. Plus it gave us a chance to sing our hearts out for 5 hours. "And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more..."

Points of Interest:

1.) Albeit super commercialized by now, the Palaisdaan in Tarlac is still kinda worth the stopover. Just be sure you are not running after a certain time because service tends to get more than just a bit blah when it's full.  Bad service = annoyed road trippers!

2.) Numerous San Juanico bridges you'd pass by.  We jokingly call it that because it seems it's the only name of a bridge in the Philippines that we were able to retain from social science class.

Thunderbird Resort: Poro Point, La Union

We actually tried in vain to get a room for the last week of May (all in hopes that dear sun gods will not be hiding out on us) unfortunately they were always fully booked until just recently.  So we had to pray that the universe conspire with us and give us ample time for some sun worshiping activities.

I love how the resort only has 36 rooms.  It makes it that much more private.  Rooms are very spacious with top notch amenities (they have jacuzzi baths! Pretty sweet!).  What's fantastic was there was a weekday promo when we got there.  Lucky us!

Imagine, getting this for only Php 4,800 per room with complimentary breakfast buffet to boot.

There are two main dining areas in the place, the Olive and the Santorini Lounge.  Prices are very reasonable for such sumptuous treat, around Php 300 - Php 750 per meal.

We lounged around the pool for the most part.  But there's also a stretch of white sand beach in the resort.  There's no water sports available here though, unlike in Shangrila Mactan or other resorts but if you want to just chill by the pool with a drink on your hand enjoying a fabulous view, then Thunderbird Resort is the place for you.

Lucky Hubby got the best of both worlds.  Poro Point not only has the perfect Mediterranean Santorini-inspired resort architecture that his Wifey loves, but more importantly it has a nearby Fiesta Casino that HE loves!  Unfortunately his Wifey has always been his perennial unlucky charm in casinos.  Next time, I promise to go on a major hideout when he's playing the tables.

We were supposed to hit a few balls in their driving range, but sky high rental prices made us changed our minds altogether and opt to head to nearby San Juan La Union for some surfing action.

More on that on the next post.

Helpful Tips:

1.) Thunderbird only accepts Visa credit cards, so either use that or bring enough cash to last you for the duration of your stay.
2.) You can constantly check your emails, as the entire resort is wi-fi capable.
3.) Ice delivered to your room is NOT free. Hee. Damnit, their service water is a bottle of Absolute Mineral but dare ask for ice, you get charged Php 55 bucks per bucket.
4.) There's a shuttle that can take you to San Juan Beach for some surfing but it'll cost you. Best still to take your own car, it's a mere 15-20 minutes away from Poro Point.
5.) If you're having dinner at the casino, make sure to order the Phad Thai for SHARING! At Php 300 I mistakenly assumed it's only good for one person.

Contact Info: Thunderbird Poro Point
(6372)-888-7777 look for Gladys


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