Wednesday, March 31

More Kitchiness

They also have it in blue.  Love love!! 

Ground Floor, Shop 33
Cubao Expo, Araneta Center
Cubao, Quezon City
Contact Info:
+63 2 911 3540
+63 916 694 7631

Trip to Cebu (part 2)

This is my third time in Cebu but my first time to actually go around to see the city.  And what can I say, I loved what I saw.  No more just SM Cebu!  Thank gawd I'm married to someone who will not only do crazy little adventure stunts with me but someone who also shares the same fondness for culture & sights seeing us yours truly.  It makes traveling such an unforgettably pleasant experience.

Trip to Cebu (part 1)

 I'm back from Cebu.  And I'm already missing it - the sand, the beach, and most of all the feeling of not gaining a single pound despite indulging in every inch of deliciously prepared meal possible.  As previously mentioned, the Hubby and I were gone for 4 days and 3 nights to pamper ourselves with a mini vacation.  We stayed at Marriot Hotel our first day so that we could tour the city before driving off to Shangrila Mactan for the remaining 3 more days.

Thursday, March 25

Mango and the City

Last night, silly blogger together with her fab girlfriends were invited to attend the Mango Summer/Spring 2010 fashion show.  I used to be obsessed with Mango but for a time their clothes had become a bit blah.  Glad to say that based on last night's collection, they are back and better than ever.

Are they serious??!?

John Mayer for Php 12,000??? I wanted to watch, despite his douchey antics of late, but with these prices...hmmm.

Just found out, his having the same concert over at Japan a few days earlier and get this, ticket prices there are for as low as Php 4,500 for their VIP seats. WTF!

Fashion Alert: Free Denims!

I discovered this uber-fab store by reading it randomly on my super trendy friend Joni a.k.a Limebasil's blog.  And I have been a fan ever since.  They still have over a month left with their new promo.  Thinking of getting new jeans.  Might as well make it three, right?

Wednesday, March 24

Up for the Challenge

Silly blogger has decided to take the 14-day Nestle Fitnesse Challenge.  No, there's no 7-for-all-mankind jeans up for grabs nor a Chanel wardrobe to win, but darn it, if the 8 pounds I have gained since the wedding is not motivation enough, then I might as well say goodbye to half my wardrobe.

So last Sunday, together with the Hubby and his friend, we thread the aisles of Puregold to buy ourselves some Nestle Fitnesse.  Really hoping this works out.  Need to be beach-ready, like now!

Tuesday, March 23

One Cool Summer Night

I love themed parties.  And nobody throws it better than one of my best friends, Iamsimmy herself.  To celebrate turning a year wiser, Iamsimmy decided to have a mini summer fiesta at her place.  Everyone came in their shortest shorts and flatest sandals to feast on yummy Lechon (shoot! I think it's all the dieting I've been doing. I seem to be salivating over Lechon the past few days), grilled prawns and so much more.  Plus, what fiesta would be complete without a round of margaritas and other umbrella-ed drinks.

The Invite

A Laker Birthday Surprise

One of my friends is oh so fond with surprises.  So fond, in fact, that last year she threw 3 surprises in a span of 3 days add to that another secret surprise was in the works that we were in on for her behalf :)) Imagine the insanity and hilarity that ensued from trying to keep up pretenses from both of them.  We made her swear to the high heavens that  there would be no more surprises, at least for the rest of 2009.  We just couldn't handle all the lying and confusion 4 surprise parties bring (the 2 real surprises, the faux surprise, and the secret surprise)

And so with that in mind, this year, for her fiance's birthday, she decided to thankfully stick to just one party!  Ahh the sweet smell of less confusion.  Ever the Ms. Organizer and Ms. Pa-picture, dear friend made sure that we all looked picture perfect and had costumes and props prepared all for the big day.

House of Vanita

Super late post.  I just finally got hold of these pictures.  Last year, a new brand of lingerie hit the shores of Manila and Manila's finest put on their fabulous cocktail dresses and sky high stilettos for the official launching of Vanita in the Philippines.

I love lingeries!  I used to go to La Senza for their cutesy lingeries and pajamas but with the arrival of Vanita, looks like there's no need for that trip to the Fort  :)

Vanita is a brand of luxury lingerie and swimwear launched formally by Gruppo Solare late last year.  "It is designed specifically for the Philippine market by famed Italian designer Fabiola Marin of the world- renowned Intimissi Group." 

For the soon-to-wed: they have a bridal lingerie that's super cute.  Love it with the knee high stockings!

Monday, March 22

I heart Veluz (part 2)

Looking Forward: Weekend Wanderlust in Cebu

I've been to Cebu twice.  Both times for work.  And both times I only saw the wonderful walls of SM Cebu. Cue: sad pathetic music.  So I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend's trip to the place that gave birth to Lapu-Lapu, yummy Lechons and luxurious beaches.  Thankfully I'll be going with B-I-L's girlfriend, who's even more excited than this blogger and has been researching for fun ativities we could all do this weekend.

Looking forward to trying these things:

Saturday, March 20

Charles & Keith SS 2010

I love Charles & Keith shoes and accessories!  Not only is it fashionably chic it is also super affordable, which has sort of become my fashion mantra for 2010.  Cause this newly wed blogger seriously needs to curb a rather expensive shopping addiction (me thinks a vacuum cleaner must be #1 priority before any shoe purchases are made).

Their new Spring/Summer 2010 collection was shot on location in Africa.  Looks very regal, bravo to their stylist.  The collection has a very ethnic feel to it, embellished with leopard spots, snakeskin patterns and a lot of gladiator-like studs.  Love love!

photos by:

Friday, March 19

"Monstars" Gives Back

One of Hubby's friends had this great idea of turning your usual Christmas get together into something a lot more meaningful.  For years, Jackson Ong and his band of brothers have been day dreaming about their ideal charity project.  And last February, this dream was finally turned into an awesome reality.

December 2009. Jax, together with his girlfriend, organized a charitable Christmas bingo/poker party open to friends, friends of friends, and just about anyone on their Facebook friends list :P.  After feasting on to-die-for (literally for some, ahem ahem, dear Hubby) Lechon among others, Mr. and Ms. Organizer shared the whole idea of the night. Bingo + Poker + Giving Back = Extremely Rewarding Night!  Everyone present joined in on the fun with half of the proceeds going to the lucky winner and more importantly the other half, going to grocery funds for the chosen non-profit organization.

Fast forward to February 27, 2010 and you get 40 kids, 20 friends and 1 amazing afternoon.

Only in the Philippines

...Would you find massive traffic jam caused by a clearance sale for, get this, CROCS! hee.  And truly as a sign of aging, guess where you can find this silly blogger that afternoon? Why, falling in line with the rest of the clueless masses of course!

I had wanted to get the Hubby a nice pair of Sanouk-like Crocs (picture to be uploaded later) and when dear sister told me she got a hold of VIP passes for the Megatent event, a day before they unleash the 90% off promo gimmick to the unsuspecting public, I gave a resounding "hell yeah, I'll come" to her.

Little did I know VIP means squat.  It was madness.  Three hours in line shopping for something that's not even for me! Sigh.  All for the love of Hubby.  Unfortunately while the VIP pass did manage to let us off the hook from queuing in the dead heat of the sun outside the tent, it did not spare us from the even longer-3-hour line at the cashier to pay for our Crocs.

I tell you, only in the Philippines. Crocs?!?!

Crocs sale at Megatent runs from March 18-20.

Time Warp - 2003

I was googling myself (like any normal ego maniac does on a Friday) and was pleasantly surprised to find one of my earliest published work still in existence. Hee.  Almost a decade ago, I joined the Philippine Star My Favorite Movie contest, here's the article for those of you remotely interested.

I did a piece about one of my favorite films of all time by one of my fave directors, Oscar winner Danny Boyle.

Tuesday, March 16

Looking Forward: Sushis, Sashimis, and Sumo

We just booked our hotels for up coming trip to Japan last night/early this morning. I am so stoked!  We were supposed to course it through our travel agent however her email quotations for the hotel rate sent major shockwaves through this blogger's heart.  Thank gawd for  We got to the stay at the same business hotels for a fraction of the price, imagine it was $150-$200 lower per night! Think of all the sushi we could have eaten with those $$$!

Speaking of sushis I can't wait to have lunch at Gonpachi in Tokyo.  I have been eyeing their menu for the longest time now and I'm just three weeks away from satisfying my earthy cravings.

Thursday, March 11

Lazy Wednesdays

Sundays used to be the primo-lazy day for us.  However ever since we got married, it's been quite hectic.  Lunch is reserved for the parents while dinner for the in-laws.  So one Wednesday last week, we just decided to take back lazy days and do away with our real world jobs.

Food tripping in Antipolo

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary as a couple, the Hubby took me to the mountains. Hee, well to Antipolo anyway.  We had dinner reservations at this quaint little out-of-the-way Swiss place called Vieux Chalet.  There was no traffic that day, so it took us just a below an hour to get to Taktak road in Antipolo.  Be sure to print out the map before taking this particular food trip though.  Vieux Chalet is in the hillside in the middle of a subdivision and it gets pretty confusing at times.  Well I guess at least to me who's direction IQ has seen better days.

A little taste of Tokyo

2010 is turning out to be a great year for trips.  The Hubby and I are going to Pearl Farm this Holy Week and Boracay just before April ends.  But what's really getting me all super excited is our impending trip to JAPAN!  I'm a huge anything-japanese lover (ok, maybe not so much love for their porn industry hee)

I can't wait to stroll down the streets of Shinbuyu, ogle Japanese youths over at Harajuki, shop at Ginza, maybe catch a little Geisha performance over at Gion, or maybe enjoy watching fat boys with barely an underwear on sweat it out (too bad there's no sumo competition this April, I'd have to settle for the practice sessions)

We're not leaving until the 9th of April so I get my little Japanese fixes from eating Japanese food made in the Philippines in the meantime. Hee.

Tuesday, March 9

2010 Oscar fashion

I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a great job hosting the 82nd Academy Awards.  I had a few apprehensions when it was first announced, but minutes into their opening I was laughing so hard with Hubby, all apprehension flew away.

Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, the list of awards go on and of course, these are the really important ones.  But heck like most people, I tune in for the fsahion as well.  And this year, there were a lot of hits and a few misses.

The Good

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa's.  She finally got it right after some horrible messes this past awards season.  I love whoever did her hair and make-up.  It made her look twenty years younger AND not in a fake-cosmetic way, mind you.

Tuesday, March 2

Project Runway

Lately, I have been sporting a more hobo-ish look.  A survey on my closet reveals that 4 out of 6 newly shopped items are either shredded cover-ups, knee length cardigans or something only a vagabond could love.  But despite my current fashion mood, I am generally loving the 2010 fall rtw collection of Marchesa.  It's prom season here in the Philippines (as the SIL pointed out) and I would have just loved to rock this gorgeous white frilly long gown with the tattoo-inspired shoulder detail, if it was 10 years back.

1. I love asymmetrical dresses.  It gives off that sexy vibe without being over the top. 

Philippine International Furniture Show

Like a true addict, I can't get enough of furniture hunting.  This, even as we have already spent a good part of 2009 sifting through one catalogue after another, enduring endless hours of home-only mall trips and sometimes walking aimlessly at Bangkal or Nicanor Garcia st. along Jupiter, Makati.   The good news for the Hubby is that I probably would not drag him into this, thank gawd I still have friends about to decorate their first home.

What: Philippine International Furniture Show
When: March 6-7 (open to trade buyers and the general public)
How: Register and learn more about PIFC at http//

Trip to Thailand

On our third day aboard Virgo, our cruise liner finally made a stop at amazing Thailand.  It was a mad rush from start to finish.  We only had one day to tour the city and enjoy the warm powdery sands of Phuket. (*sighs*)  Our first stop was at a cashew nut factory, Sri Bhurapha Orchid.  Hmm, maybe we should have opted out of the tour. Hee. Strangely enough, I find myself getting hooked on the whole thing and even made some purchases on their souviner shop.  The poor women's hands were getting all green and purple-y from accidentally jamming them into the nut cracker machines.  Next time I go munching on those cashew I'll make sure to appreciate how difficult it is to make them.

the finished product. Yum

Sri Bhurapha Orchid
Address:62/2-4 Moo 1, Ko Kaeo, Muang Phuket, Phuket, 83000

Temple hopping.  I really need to stop going to temples in these trips.  
You've seen one big buddha, you've seen them all.