Tuesday, June 30

Looking Forward: Mad Mondays & Thrifty Tuesdays

Sofitel has one of the best hotel buffets in town. With a myriad of Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American and Indian choices, it's enough to satisfy any one's distinctive taste palette. And I can't wait to once again go with friends, loosen our belts and have a fabulous time carrying out our favorite sin, gluttony.

Monday, June 29

Looking Forward: A House to call Home

I am a wannabe interior designer. And I can't believe that it is only of late that I have discovered this uber fantastic site, www.elledecor.com. Since chancing upon the site, I have been getting loads and loads of inspirations for current renovation project. I just hope dear furniture maker can translate them into reality.

For Dear Fiance and I's house, we've decided to go with a monochromatic theme - only whites, beiges and dark browns. The look we're going for is a Modern Contemporary home. And thankfully my obsession with Elle has led me to the oh so fateful discovery of Poltrona Frau. I am considering having these sofas by Frau (see images below) copied by our dear furniture maker. This, despite numerous advice from well-meaning married friends, that a white couch will cause a lot of heartache and headache, I seem to be developing this sickness that has suddenly given me selective hearing. I will most likely not heed despite their good intentions. It's just too damn pretty! Oh well I guess what better way to solve this dilemma but to just to issue a resounding threat (You spill. You pay!) and pray to the universe that they are not as disastrous as the homeowner.

photo cred: Elle Decor

Fashion Alert: Kick Ass Sports Jacket

I'm loving this hoodie from the latest Spring/Summer collection of Adidas.

Incidentally, I'm excited to announce that my dear friend Pammy has gotten yours truly a job as a "model" for the upcoming DLSU/ADMU Adidas campaign. Should start practicing my poses and pouts before this Friday's shoot 'les I want to start looking like a bigger geek than I actually am! :)

Will post pictures from the shoot after!

Sunday, June 28

A Very Bad Sign Indeed...

I just read in Yahoo Sports. Mr. could-have-been-NBA's new darling, Ricky Rubio, was MIA at the Timberwolves' post draft press conference. This is bad. Really bad - Especially since the conference was set to introduce the franchise' new players.

Que Horror!

Is there truth to the rumors? Will Rubio be able to play next season? Crossing her fingers tighter than ever!!

Friday, June 26


It's tragic. It has been written over and over again but he truly was one of the greatest artist of all time. I think I fell in love with him when I first heard Billie Jean barely entering the tween years. Fortunately he visited us here in Manila back in the 90s. I was thirteen years old and had to use up all of my daddy's little girl charm and begged him to take me to Jackson's concert. Never mind that it was our quarterly exams the following day. I waited patiently in line before the shuttle takes us from the concert site in Paranaque, with my dingy little Chinese lesson plan in tow, I had my dad carry me on his back so that I can get a glimpse of the man performing amidst a sea of heads in the crowd.

Favorite Michael Jackson songs:

Whenever I'm depressed: Childhood - favorite line from the song "before you judge me, try hard to love me..."
Just Because I want to dance: Man in the Mirror
Remake: Billie Jean

Rest In Peace! I hope you are in a better place!

Photo creds: cnn.com

NBA 2009 Draft - the after thought

I was really excited with this year's draft. If only for the addition of one hot Spanish superstar - the barely legal Ricky Rubio. I have, for months now, been faithfully watching downloads of his brilliant plays on Youtube.

And so it happens. The NBA draft has officially begun and ended. Minnesota was the lucky/unlucky team to have snagged him- # 5 draft pick of 2009. Unfortunately, rumors are circulating on-line that he may not play for Minnesota or in the NBA at all next season. I really don't understand the logic behind Minnesota's move! First off, they drafted three guards! The second guard they picked right after they did Rubio! Umm maybe because I just watched the game and have no idea how to play that's why I am compelled to ask this next question... with three guards being build as the next big thing, how much playing time can Rubio honestly get??? Second, they are only giving him $500,000 to buy out his existing contract with Spain, umm yeah that's a $6.1 million discrepancy. And finally, Minnesota knew perfectly well that Rubio wanted to play for a "big market" team... If Rubio is anything like me, then he probably doesn't even know where Minnesota is at the US map! That is not BIG MARKET material! No wonder he is considering to put this whole NBA thing on hold. I will keep my fingers crossed and hoped that this is all part of some elaborate scheme to negotiate for more money and that Rubio is finally brought State-side where his incredible skills and hotness belongs!

Otherwise, it's back to Rudy Fernandez again I guess.

photo creds: getty images