Thursday, October 29

More Home Ideas

I love the tufted cushioned chairs.  It manages to look really modern despite its Old-World-esque style.

Ahh. My love for white still hasn't diminished.  This despite knowing better now how freakin' difficult it is to maintain those white furnitures.

River rock  lines the floor of the shower area.  Made me smile!  It's actually the same detail the fiance and I used for our master's bathroom

The double layered white lacquered coffee table rocks!

Window draperies.  Floor to ceiling curtain always creates such a dramatic effect



Tuesday, October 27

Wow!!! Now, that's a Whopping Burger!

The fiance and I were lazily watching television when we saw this gigantic Burger King Whopper featured on CNN.  Greedy-glutton blogger here thinks she can finished this in one sitting.

Burger King created the 7-layered Whopper in celebration of the release of Microsoft Windows 7.  Too bad it's only available in one of my fave cities on the planet, Tokyo.


Monday, October 26

Cinemanila Week

Yesterday was the official closing day of Cinemanila Film Fetival.  I'm glad that I was able to catch 3 films from this year's festival.  I would have love to have seen those films in a span of more than a day but Howie and I decided to do a Cinemanila day-marathon.  So that's 4 films all in one day.  Addict!!

First Film: Talenttime
Country: Malaysia
Synopsis: A talent show competition makes Melur, a Malay-Muslim girl and Mahesh, an Indian male student crosses paths.
Verdict: Howie said he's recommend it to others.  There were some pretty interesting shots, funny moments but overall I wasn't a fan.  I think the really cheezy subtitles ruined it for me. "Why won't the sun shine as bright?!?!"

Friday, October 23

FB & Twitter Fatigue??

I knew this day would come.  I just didn't think it would come this soon.  But lately I don't feek like updating my Twitter account. I have stopped posting pictures at Facebook and haven't attempted to stalk anyone in weeks (wow!) I wonder if this is just a fleeting feeling or a sign that I have outgrown social networking sites..

Two Weeks Notice

Ahh love.  One of my top most fave topics in literature.  And yes, I am one of Those. Those suckers, who still believe in the whole love at first sight, love conquers all, you and me against the world fantasy.  What friends say is cheezy I think of as romantic.  It's silly but I get absolutely happy and giddy when I realized that someone whom everyone castoff as an insensitive shmuck turns out to be nothing but pure mush when face with love. (altogether now, Sobrang cheezy!)

Jewelry Exhibit

I recently had another piece made by Kristine Dee, a frou frou-y Gold bracelet.  You might remember me gushing over one of her creations on a previous post.  Well last week I received an invitation from Kristine for tonight's opening of the Triad - An Approach to Futurism Exhibit at Firma in Greenbelt.

Kristine Dee, together with two other jeweler, Michelline Syjuco and Pauline Syjuco will have their strikingly gorgeous pieces exclusively displayed at Firma until October 25.

Photo cred: from kristine's website

Sunday, October 18

Wedding 101: Our Invites

Our wedding invites are finally out! Yay... I love it.  Thanks to Beth of Printlane for painstakingly glueing the little swarovski-like crystals.  It's the guests' first impression to our wedding and OC-bride me is extremely happy to know that it's been getting all praises from everyone we've handed it out to so far.  They are loving the understated classiness of it all. Looks very posh daw cause of its simplicity and of course the swarozskis that fiance and I searched high heavens for, (Ok, silly me is nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko once again hehe!)  I especially love the fiance's friends reaction.  Boys are so easily impressed I tell you hee.
Cheers, it's officially 42 days to go!!!

Friday, October 9

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Yay! After being postponed twice due to our extremely unpredictable weather, the gang is finally pushing through with our much anticipated annual mooncake dice games tonight.  Last year, dear friend Finkers and Monsee won, so hosting duties befalls them.

I love Mooncake events because it's one of those non-birthday/non-Holiday times that we get all 30 to 40 of our friends together.  But yeah, good conversation asides, I still want to win, damnit!

I never win anything.  Anything beyond the second to the last prize.  I was quite happy that when I met the fiance we have up the ante with our overall haul of prizes, mainly due to his dicing abilities.  I am crossing my fingers that after four years, I finally get to take home the grand prize tonight!

Wedding 101: The Ring

I haven't been able to blog as much as I want to.  I'm blaming myself for this.  You see, this week I was officially known as One Thumb Jake.  Long story short - I accidentally starred in my own horror movie nightmare and chipped off a huge chunk of my thumb nail :O OUCH!!!

Monday, October 5

No More Shoes.... Seriously!

I finally got myself a pair of knee high boots! Loving the fiance for this.  Yeserday was supposed to be no-shopping day for me still, but thank God the fiance mistakenly thought that a friend's birthday dinner at Mann Hann was inside the Theater Mall instead of the Mann Hann near P.Gueverra St.

Our slight detour to Greenhills gave me the perfect "its-gotta-be-fate" reason to get my much needed boot-love! 

Retail Therapy =Heart Melt

Cheapo find at the Preview Store, Php 1750 only!!!

Movie Watch: A Journey Home

This year has been pretty awesome in terms of the gang's career.  After BFF's magazine launch, another friend makes us mighty proud with his new movie.

So last Saturday, dearest friend, Kwai kwai, invited us to the movie premiere of "A Journey Home".  It's an indie film directed by Paul Soriano and produced by dear friend Kwai.  Turns out he was MIA for the most part of July to September because of his super dedication to this pet project.

with the movie's producer Francis Lua

with movie's director, Paul Soriano