Wednesday, March 31

Trip to Cebu (part 1)

 I'm back from Cebu.  And I'm already missing it - the sand, the beach, and most of all the feeling of not gaining a single pound despite indulging in every inch of deliciously prepared meal possible.  As previously mentioned, the Hubby and I were gone for 4 days and 3 nights to pamper ourselves with a mini vacation.  We stayed at Marriot Hotel our first day so that we could tour the city before driving off to Shangrila Mactan for the remaining 3 more days.

Shangrila Mactan is resort heaven.  It's been rated as one of the best in the world. Nice.  So to say we had expectations was pretty much a given.  And after spending 3 days there, this silly blogger is joining in on the parade, saying true to all the praise-press it's been getting.

The place was humongous.  Sprawling with a 547 room sand suites , it boasts of world class restaurants and facilities.  They have just about anything for everyone: Golf for the dads, E-Zone for the kids (and mga feeling kids), health clubs for the gym freaks, tennis court for Pete Sampras (yes, my age is showing), water sports for the adventurous and the best part, they have the largest most luxurious spa in the region, Chi, for those who can afford.

Air hockey over at the E-Zone for just Php 10.00 per token.

If you have cash to burn Chi spa is a must try.  Rates start at Php 2,900.

We were fortunate enough to be able to get a room at the Ocean Wing side.  Ahh love the fact that we were so closed to the beach and the pool.

Fun in the water.  I was really excited cause it's my first time to ride the jetski.  Who knew I was such a speed demon on water.

We lounged around the beach area the most but swam in more at the pool.  (During afternoons, low tide makes the beach that much more rocky, sadness) The good thing about going on vacation with your family is that you can pretty much order anything at the pool/beach bars without worrying about the sky-high prices.

 Spotted.  Haagen Dazs na nilalako.  Sosyal!?!

Shangrila Mactan Resort and Spa
Punta Engano Road
Cebu 6015, Philippines
T: (63 32) 231 0288

Photo cred: Aerial shot of the island c/o Shangrila Mactan's website.

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