Friday, June 27

Age ain't nothing but a number, right?!?

I recently saw a photo of me and my friends that's more than a decade old. Sans for tong and jeanie..everyone was there. And good lord, i must say with age comes great WISDOM - especially on shallow matters such as - what not to wear during a party. And we thought we were sooo cool back then. Shows us how little we actually know.

only rainy looks decent enough to deserve a published photo

11 years later... still smiling and living it up!

Wednesday, June 18

Talking Heads

When I was doing the first draft of my thesis way way back - I remember my then mentor kept on insisting that we refrain from telling the story. "SHOW" - that was his favorite word. Afterall film is a visual medium. If we wanted to just keep on using words - we have radio or the print for that. I was lucky to have been thesismates with two incredibly creative souls. We were the first to get our project proposal approved - already had brilliant ideas on how to execute our opening scene. Think: David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Unfortunately we got stuck with our dead girl in the swamp premise that pretty much everything else felt like selling out or worst everything else felt like executing mediocrity. We had to disbanned if only to stop wallowing about that storyline and move forward.

Thursday, June 12

Happily Ever After....

You remember after watching Sex and the City with your girlfriends, you couldn't help but worry. Charlotte has pretty much echoed what you were afraid of for the past few months... If perfection seems to be a possibility, and happily ever after a reality - can life be too good to be true?