Thursday, August 28


Looking forward to this weekend for Tong's bridal shower!

Wednesday, August 27

To Catch a Thief

I know we live in a third world country - but one of the things i'm happy about is working for a company that has a first world facility. I seriously think it's one of the best place to work for, buidling design-wise. So imagine my horror when one day security decides to act like we were in Columbine and start implementing 007-like security measures. Rampant laptops mysteriously disappearing have forced us to act as such. And now behind sleek interiors, visitors wonder what the commotion is all about at the lobby. Unfortunately whenever we enter and exit our building we not only have to pass thru electronic gates we also have to pass thru the laptop registration booth, wherein the designated guard swipes the bar code onto your laptop to match this with your face. Hey i do feel secured, somewhat, heaven help that theif if he decides to strike still..i just miss not having to wait in line, especially when i'm trying to be incognito and do a stealth-mode. Sigh i can't wait until they issue us our laptop padlocks. Yes it has come to that!

Tuesday, August 26

Must Try: Bellini's

Ok I was supposed to post this a few months back, I just realized that I haven't, better late than never right?. Dear boyfriend (yes, he wasn't that enlightened once upon a time hence the status hee) took me out for dinner at Bellini's. This after months of trying to squeeze it to our schedules. Hmm not that we're uber socialites and had too much on our plate…most likely we just kept on going to the same restos until we started to get quizzical looks from waiters.

So Bellini's it is that Friday night. They shot some scenes here for the movie One More Chance (jologs alert! I just wanted to plug that in, 'cause as mentioned before I have a blink-and-you'll-miss part there hee) Anyways, ambiance-wise the place was pretty great. But nothing earth shattering or jaw dropping. It did provide an unruffled homey feel to it. Plus you get to see Mr. Bellini himself walking around the place. Splash all over the walls are pictures, some taken by Bellini during his paparrazzi days in Italy. There are news article clippings even! In the middle of dinner, a blind man went to the "podium" and started playing some old school hymns with his guitar. But since we were seated by the doorside, appreciating the tune proves to be a challenge - (especially when you have a pack of people standing, chatting aimlessly while waiting to be seated)

When it comes to the menu selection, you can never go wrong with your salsiccia pizza and seafood pasta dripped with olive oil. Yum yum. We had some soup to start our meal - not much of a soup eater but Dear Boyfriend did find the taste to his liking. Plus factor, it comes with a free pita bread offered with a choice of salmon and spinach dip.

Price-wise, Bellini's is very affordable. It probably wouldn’t make a dent even in your third world paycheck :) An added charm to the place is its ala-boho location. Outside Bellini's, the very store besides it actually, you will find Vintage Pop. I found childhood toy wonder, View Master, in one corner! Oooh Nostalgia. They also sell old school discs - you know the ones our parents used to jam to when cds were something straight out of Space Odyssey 2000. All in all dining at Bellini's and visiting its nearby shops prove to be more of an experience than merely satisfying one's Itallian cravings.

Chao! Photo creds: from cubao-x site
Location: Cubao Expo near Gateway Mall

Monday, August 25

I'm currently obsessed with....

The Notebook Lovers
Yey! They're back together! And i am totally adoring her headband :)

I Spy with my Eyes

Lazy Monday attire. Went to get a relaxing massage along Wilson St with dear fiance. Also on the list of to-do for the day was to order some scandalous cake for Tong's bachelorette's party, i wonder why i was assigned this task. *horrors* Oh well being a good sport, off to Kink Cakes after my massage.

Outfit: Dress: From achi's closet / Top: white sando by Kamiseta / Bag: LV / Accessories: Vintage black pearl necklace with matching bracelet / Sandals: Hdy shoes

Sunday, August 24

I Spy with my Eyes

What i wore to Carol's party last night. Best friend decides all of a sudden to throw a party, giving us just a few hours of notice. Good thing, i was already wearing something presentable when i left the house that afternoon.

Top: Rico /
Tights: Fashion Pill ( / Sandals: Hdy shoes / Belt: from Tyler blouse

Birthdays, Bubbles and everything in Between

Growing up, my parents threw me birthday parties in our backyard. And i always thought they were a blast! There was the usual trip to Jerusalem games, balloons, palayoks, and of course the pabitins! Fast forward more than a decade later to today and i'll get invited by dear fiance' family to his relative's 1st birthday party. I swear, if this is how kids celebrate birthdays nowadays, i don't think i will be having mini-me's and mini-fiance's until we've tapped into Bill Gates' bank account.

Saturday, August 23

Design Hunting: And we're at it again

In my continuous quest to decorate future dream house with dear fiance here are some photos from our latest side trip to Dimensions last night at Boni-Hi after dining at New Orleans (yum!). Best friend was wondering if we were more excited about interior decorating than wedding planning, Umm you think?!? But can you really blame lil 'ol me?!?

Solid wood in red and white high gloss Php 84,000 (red) Php 66,000 (white)

Must Try: Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino

Ok, blaming my poor almost-fried-monotonous taste pallette, but i have just been able to discover this place today over lunch. Together with "expert" eaters, i went to Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino to try out some new menus for our product. While i love that i get to go on food tripping every now and then, this whole taste testing event is starting to weigh heavily on my stubbornly-primitive- preferences when it comes to food (piniritong manok will do). I had already said no to two of the first batch of dishes being offered hence i was afraid that anymore attempts to decline unnaturally prepared food being served would result to some serious ass whooping.

Thursday, August 21

Must Try: Have a Break, Have a Yogurt

Shameless plug in support of my friend, since i have the world's worst gag reflex and can't process yogurt it's the least that i can do. Good friend Tong recently opened her very own yogurt place at The Block. Located at the level 2 near Our Home and SM appliances store. You must come and visit if only to take Manong's word for it - absolutely yummy!!!


of TVCs and Portable Toilets

Last Tuesday was pretty much the longest i've spent on official business. We were shooting for a new commercial and i had a 7am call time.(HORRORS!) As expected we ended more than 12 hours later, roughly around 11pm that night. So much for work life balance eh?! We were in the bondos of Antipolo (ok, maybe not!) but it seemed that way to me. Nonetheless, I must say... it was an exciting day all in all. I don't think i will ever look at undressed chicken in the same way again. "Everyone body wants Kung Fu fighting! Yeah!" (it will make sense, someday, trust me)

I've been on a set before, for the movie "One More Chance" (.5 sec of fame. baby!!!) so i had an inkling that setting up for a sequence shot takes forever. And if you're the client and not necessarily an active member of the crew doing the prod design, you pretty much wait around until the director screams "Action!" I never knew that so much detail goes through a commercial shoot. Imagine, even the colors of incedental props or backgrounds are scrutinized. Hand gestures, mannerism and what not become the core of heated discussions.

Since the brand/commercial concept is still being kept under wraps (i'll upload behind the scenes shot once the TVC is being aired) i just want to share the absolutely hilarious thing on the entire set. (shot is a bit blurry cause i took that when the sun is almost gone already :( )

Portable toilet - - but but look at the lower left portion - YES that's an aircon pare!

It pays to have big time actors in your set. Despite being miles away from the civilization, you get "centralized" airconditioning while doing numbers 1 & 2.

Monday, August 18

Book Launch: The Ninoy Aquino Graphic Novel

Ok, so it had a better title than that. But you get the drift right? August 17, Jiggy invited us to attend the book launch for his first ever published work at the Ateneo Jesu Church. It was pouring really hard, hence the launch which was supposed to take place at the field across the church had to be done inside. It didn't diminish the message that he wanted to get across though. Ninoy died for us 25 years ago, what are we doing for our country now? (griping and bitching about the current state doesn't count!)

I was able to take a glimpse of the book last Wednesday and i was blown away. I was excited for its launch. The book is a compilation of 25 essays in relation to Ninoy and what he had to go through for his country, And yes that's 25 because it is for the 25th Death Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino. Being Jiggy's labor of love, it couldn't merely just be essays, a certain comic flavor has to be introduced to it. Jiggy enlisted the help of some of the countries movers and shakers in the comic industry. The snipet seen here is from Andrew Drillon. Other artist who contributed their talents (sketches) for the compilation are Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, Harvey Tolibao, Stephen Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan. I think the book will be available starting this August 21. Please buy and support this great undertaking.

It's only Php 300.00
All proceeds goes through charity.

Saturday, August 16

Designer Digs

Since i'm on a blogging frenzy tonight...must be from all the Coke Zeroes i've been sipping at Elaine's party. Anyways, i just got a text from designer-dress-importer-extraordinaire, Charlene Nocom that there are new arrivals of Marc Jacobs', DVF, BCBG, Max Mara, Bebe and a whole lotta designer digs. Private sale starts tomorrow August 16-17. Her showroom is located at 9H Greenbelt Parkplace, C. Palanca St. Legaspi Makati. You need to let her know first though if you're coming. It's a private sale for friends and friends of friends afterall...(which is why i am sharing this info with you guys hehe) For those interested just send me an email at so that i can give you her contact info.

I have been by her place twice already. Everytime she helds one of her private sales i make it a point to come. Here are some of the stuff i purchased previously. I'll post the others when i have worn them already hehe. The one in the middle was what i was wearing when dear manongski proposed to me... :)

Red short mini dress by Bebe, Grecian inspired dress by Sharhanna, Cocktail dress: BCBG

Friday, August 15

Surprise Party

Organizing an event in barely two days notice is a daunting task. But when you have a group opf highly trained professionals (a.k.a. utusans) to handle all the nitty gritty details (such as buying the cakes, balloons, get the point) then less than 24 hours of preparation can actually spell into a fantabulous party. I just got back from the "surprise" birthday dinner we threw for two of our teammates. From the looks of their faces, I must say they appreciated all the efforts that went into organizing the event.

Showing the pictures during the pre-event...

When you enter, the first thing that will greet you are oversized "magazine" covers of the celebrants..."SURPRISE!!"

Birthday cake from Estrel's

Table setting

Buffet Setting - Darn it still no food!

I love events planning! Even the smallest details such as putting four floating candles per table instead of just one to the pleats of the table cloth for the cake counter - these are not missed out. There's just something about the whole thing that thrills me to no end. Hmmm must find a way to get paid gazillions of moolahs from doing stuff like this!

Location: Palm Grove Rockwell Club

Lunch Break Must-Do List

Over our lunch break, my offcemate and I decided to first raid the on-going Urban Bazaar before satisfying and gastronomical cravings we might have. The verdict: Ho Hum...AND can I just say that the 100 pesos entrance fee is such a downer for bazaar goers, especially upon the realization that there are many exhibitors inside who have stores in Power Plant. Ok, a few hundred bucks in discount is not bad, but but you go to the bazaar's to find unique ultra chic items not your usual mainstream mall fair.

I wasn't so happy with this year's selections. A lot of the stores had an Illaya-feel to them. And if not those kind of designs, you get a hodge podge of leather bags/casing/anything goes items. I don’t know maybe it's just me…but I find the idea of trying on clothes in the claustrophobic make-shift fitting rooms in bazaars unappealling. So I was left with my last recourse which is to scout for rare accessories. And whatdoyouknow… I would find a terno for my beloved vintage earrings (this is the only piece from my lola that I have and absolutely love)

This is what I got at the bazaar. I love the fact that its in black. White pearls are soooooo common. I'm loving the detailing in the clasp. And as you can see it is perfect for my vintage-y earrings.

Wednesday, August 13

Tuesday, August 12

Looking Foward: 2009 Highlights

Starting today until next year i will have TWO major things on my mind,

1.) House Hunting/Decorating - Ok, i won't pretend. Just the thought of decorating excites me to know end. Whenever i am having one of my panic attacks, one of the sure fire way of relaxing me is closing my eyes and envisioning where i am going to place my L-shaped couch. I love decorating. It is slowly turning into a passion. I've went to the Worldbex convention...scour Home Depots all the way in Roxas...charted projections...rechart current projections to match reality...all in the earnest hope of building THE perfect house for Manongski and me.

2.) Wedding-scapades - Another no brainer. My wonderful friends have volunteered lil ol misguided soon to be bride me. All i am concern about right now is the music and the photography. I have appointed my best friend, who can party plan like no other to be my official wedding planner. And yes, i had to muscle my way in so that she'd agree...probably knows i'm the kind of would be bride that will leave every little and big tasks upto her.

Saturday, August 9

2008 Beijing Olympics - Opening Ceremony

Veering away from the norm, there are no sarcastic comments on this post. That's what happens when you are faced with pure awesomeness. Even the archer lighting cauldron back in 1992 Barcelona Olympics couldn't eclipsed the spectacle that was unveiled last night.

10,000 drummers, all moving in unison. When the lights dimmed down, glow in the dark red sticks will gracefully light up the scene

giant foot print shaped fireworks marched from outside the bird's nest all the way to the olympic stadium

from the top, it seemed like tiles of mahjong, moving like powerful waves in the sea. But those blocks of chinese characters are actually people underneath

Taiji performance. This was unbelievable. Running at full speed all of the Tiaji performers run from one side of the stadium to the other and still managed to form a perfect symmetry.
It was said that 9000 out of the 14000 performers were "on loan" from the People's Liberation Army. No doubt that helped with all the precision. :)

Friday, August 8

2008 Beijing Olympics

You love watching sporting events. This, even if your lazy ass never want to try anything that require your sweat glands to reach for that extra mile, hmm or even just half a mile. You remember growing up though, you once dreamt of qualifying for the Olympics, representing your country and eventually bagging the bronze (hey, even if it was a dream you were trying to shoot for realism). You were less of a sloth then, and you really took swimming to heart. Swimming at least once a week and getting all excited about the thought of hitting the pool. Let's just say that when your father throws you mid-pool on the 6 feet level when you are barely three years old, you start to envision that you are destined for bigger and greater things. Hmm or maybe that's your brain lacking oxygen once again. Whatever your current disposition about anything that requires exerting energy, one thing that hasn't diminished is your love for watching the Olympics! (you even get a kick watching the winter olympics even if your country doesn't compete in any of the categories)

So for this year's Olympics you are way ecstatic that they are holding it in Beijing. Probably thinking that that's the closest you can get to ever watching the Olympics live...Hmmm..2012 travel plans...London perhaps? 8-8-08 8:08pm... let the count down begin...

Tuesday, August 5

Design Hunting: First Steps

serendra unit

We don't have a date planned out yet for the BIG day... i really don't think i am girly girl in that sense. I havent had the dress all thought out. No idea what the flower arrangements would look like. No preference yet as to what my bridesmaids would be wearing. All i know is that whenever that BIG day is - it has to have a killer band - and an even rocked out after party...

What i have been dreaming about since i was a young girl, is not the big white wedding - but something more achitecturally inclined - the ultimate kick-ass house me and my soon to be husband will be calling home. Lately, conversations with Manongski has turned into an open ended topic. The never-ending debate about the walk-in closet ensues. But this has been cushioned by the sweet victory of securing the L-shaped red couch our friends will soon be lounging around at. It's funny. At some point while discussing possible color combination for the dirty kitchen i just burst out laughing - this was all so grown up. I can't believe we're actually planning to build our own house na!

walk in closet: i want it all white!!

Monday, August 4

I'm currently obsessed with....

Gladiator sandals came out last season as one of the "it" shoes of the moment... But i have a feeling i would wear this even as the trend comes to an end. They just make your feet looks so pretty and femme!! And it doesn't hurt that it matches my current favorite top from Tyler...