Sunday, February 28

Asian Cruise Nostalgia

This was one of the gang's first out of country trips back in 2007.  It still ranks as my second fave abroad trips with friends, hard to beat chilling in Hawaii still.  However, 5 days and 4 nights aboard the Virgo cruise liner did spell out pure r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n. All of us were very much carefree and single then (Can't believe that just 2 years later, 3 of us are already married) and we only had three things on our mind: FUN TIMES, SHOPPING and CRUISE CASINO!

at NAIA terminal 3, early birds all around, yehey for us!

aboard the Virgo Cruise liner that took us to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia 

Friday, February 26

And my obsession continues...

I'm a huge American Idol fan.  But this season, the talent seems to be drying up.  Maybe it's the news that Simon will soon jump ship to another singing competition show, maybe it's the nerves, or maybe after 9 seasons, A.I. has made stars out of all those deemed with potential and the well of "IT" guys and girls have finally seen its end.  Whatever the reason may be, last Tuesday and Wednesday nights performance was a little rough for me to watch.  Save for the absolutely adorable-crushable Casey James who IMHO outsang even Brian Adam's himself with his honest/sincere rendition of "Heaven"

The Hubby has given me permission to swoon and openly declare Casey James as my second husband.  Thank gawd I'm married to someone who knows just how delusional I am and still loves me. Hee

Monday, February 15

Trying to be Domesticated

Last Tuesday, we had some friends over to try, lo and behold, yours truly's cooking.  I was a bit pressured to come up with something not so burnt-looking (my old time masterpiece of a recipe).  So with last Saturday's cooking lessons from Jax safely tucked in this blogger's consciousness, I went about to prepare the following: Nilagang Buto-buto with lobster balls and crabsticks, lamb stewed, buttered vegetables and finally trusty Nestea ice tea to close the deal.

During my spare time...

I search that magical site known as for some fabulous-looking army boots.  Finally found 3 pairs that I wanted to order ASAP!!!

Volatile Women's Black Hole Boots, $38.90

Tuesday, February 9

My Reading List this Month

Sorry guys, I know I have been a bad blogger of late.  I haven't posted anything for the past few weeks. BOO!  January was a lot busier than I thought.  With 3 weddings, 2 housewarmings, 1 debut, and a number of birthdays, parties and launches, the first month of 2010 proved to be much more hectic than the holiday season.

Thank God February seems to take on a much slower pace.  I finally have time to catch up on all the things I raided from the shelves of Fully Booked and Powerbooks.