Friday, January 21

30 before 30 checklist

 My To-Do-List Snapshot

#4 Bungee Jumping: Macau Tower

The free fall took all but four seconds.  But hanging in there, upside down, 61 floors high, for what seemed like eternity, sure gave silly blogger a much needed heart jolt.  The look on my face during the brief interview says it all, "What the f*@$ am I doing here?"

1.) No, it's not a life changing experience.  It's a jump. A freaking HIGH jump, but let's get real, it won't cure cancer. I won't deny, it's pure awesomeness at its best, especially the feeling you get afterwards, but don't go into it thinking it will change anything after. No, I'm still as silly & scared as ever.
2.) It's 261 meters high. You're bungee jumping not from a cliff but from a tower that you can smack right back into if you're not careful, so no to showy jumps, you just need to lean off the edge and let go.
3.) Befriend other jumpers. More importantly, befriend the AJ Hackett staff.
4.) Total cost for this adventure is around Php 12,000

Friday, January 14

Trip to Shanghai, China

Happy New Year!!!! The following post is way overdue. Been swamped with a million and one things last quarter of 0-10 that I totally neglected this blog. Sorry readers! Anyway, enjoy some of the highlights from our trip to Shanghai.
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Out of sheer whim, a friend asked me to go to China for the 2010 World Expo and silly blogger logged onto her computer and bought herself a plane ticket to Shanghai that same minute.  Months later, I wanted to clobber myself for once again being such a spontaneous neurotic.  First off, I was worried that the timing was all screwy 'cause I had just started in a new job (which I will eventually quit, thank gawd) Second, I keep on forgetting that I'm supposed to be on saving up mode after all the trips the past month over.

But as soon as we touchdown at Shanghai International Airport, I knew the right choice was made. 

First stop of the night was our hotel along Nanpu Bridge.  Two reasons for checking into the hotel; 1. Cheap nightly rates 2. Vicinity was close to the World Expo.

After safely tucking in all our belongings, we hailed two cabs and headed out for a really really late dinner (or very early breakfast, depending on how you see it)

Yang's Fried-Dumplings.  Famous Xaio long bao place. The line was way too long, but the taste of yummy Xiao long bao's definitely worth the wait.

On our second day in Shanghai (well, technically, it was our first day), we were able to visit a number of famous tourist attractions.  Here are some of my favorite:

1. Xin Tian Di - is a very famous resto/bar district where the old and new collide.  The place effectively utilizes traditional Chinese architecture through its Shikumen buildings (red and gray 2-3 storey buildings) while at the same time bringing in modern pubs and clubs in the mix.

Drinking at a famous German pub, there was even a Pinoy band performing that night.

2. The Bund - Looks absolutely breath-taking at night.  Reminds me of Hubby's previous trip to London.  Shanghai's famous waterfront district makes me think that I was anywhere but in China.  All of the building has a very distinct European touch to it, and this is maybe/largely due to the fact that the French had previously formed settlement around the area.

Look, there's even a replica of New York's Times Square ball.
Oriental Pearl Tower - the highest tower in China and the third in the world.

 Jin Mao Tower - the second highest tower in China at 88 storeys high.

Shanghai World Trade Center - Hey, if it was good enough to be featured in a G.I.Joe's movie, then it's good enough for me.

3. Taikang Road (or as we like to refer to it, the "art-arts place") an almost kilometer street that showcases a wide range of boutiques, wi-fi cafe, kitchy stores, tattoo parlors and artsy fartsy studios.  Very Bohomian spirited.  In fact, Lonely Planet describes this as Shanghai's premiere art center.  How to get there by cab: just tell the driver: Tiánzǐfáng Lu

4. People's Square - Is actually along Nanjing Road but it deserves a separate mention on my list because silly blogger thinks its a self contained shopping mecca.  High rise malls, specialty boutiques, factory outlets, and the likes adorned the area.  The Madame Tusseud's Wax Museum is also within walking distance.

5. Nanjing Road - Stretching for what seemed like 100 kilometers, this street is famous for one thing and one thing alone: SHOPPING.  From cheap hard to find trinkets to over the top high end brands, Nanjing Road has its all.

Other notable mention:

Plenty of Caucasian foreigners visit this place because of good fabric deals. Hey, even our friend was able to buy 2 duvet set complete with pillow and bed spreads for only 600RMB!

Next stop, St. Petersburg Russia! Woot!