Friday, June 25

Surfing in La Union

On our trip to Hawaii,  Happy Feet and I relish the thought of hitting the waves and standing on those damn long boards.  Fortunately we were able to cross this one off our bucket list.  So on our just concluded road trip to La Union, I made sure that Hubby gets to experience the same awesome feeling that is surfing.

Trip to Poro Point

Another one of those on a whim kinda trips.  After seeing the gorgeous photos of Thunderbird Resort from a friend's Facebook page, we immediately fell in love with this Greek-inspired paradise nestled in a scenic cliff in La Union and decided to book ourselves a 3 day getaway.

Wednesday, June 23

Best Travel Movies

I have been bitten by a serious case of the travel bug.  And while I have always loved to travel especially with Hubster and friends, this year the Hubby and I have been exploring different countries, cities and provinces on an almost monthly basis.  And it has given silly blogger yet another wishful dream for a life occupation: Lady World Traveler.

And so in memory of our recent road trip to Poro-Point, La Union, here are some of my favorite backpacking/travel movies.

1. Lost In Translation - The ultimate finding-oneself-in-a-foreign-land movie.  I love how even the most sublime of encounters is given a hint of subtlety by Coppola.  I was a huge fan of Japan way before the film was released but seeing all the different craziness in that country from this movie made me fall in love with the Orient of the Pacific even more.

Wednesday, June 16

SEAIR now flies to La Union

Friends and I are going on our much awaited Poro Point trip this weekend.  We're doing the whole 5 hour drive to get to La Union.  The blow of butt aches from prolonged car seat exposure is being cushioned with the thought of the awesomeness that is Thunderbird Resort.  However, while web surfing, I found out that there is a better/faster way to get there.  SEAIR is now offering direct flights to the following locations:

Wowowie!  For surf afficionado this means saying bye bye to 5-6 hours worth of leg cramps and hello to sky high swells in just an hour.  They have three schedules that leave in a week, every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Although interesting enough it seems their flight timings are better suited for laid-back wanderers than corporate slaves.  Friday departure is set at 10am and Monday arrival at 11:35AM, meaning you still have to take a leave from work if you want to do a weekend getaway.  Either way, still a great news!

Just 3 more days, can't wait!

Tuesday, June 8

Trip to Penang, Malaysia

My very first trip to Malaysia back in 2007 was not to their world-famous capital, Kuala Lumpur.  Instead, my friends and I spent a whole day discovering the much low keyed city of Penang.

Saturday, June 5

15th French Film Festival

Yay. It's back.  The 15th French Film Festival officially kicked off last June 3 at the Shangri-la Cineplex.  Admission is free for those planning to watch it, just be sure to be there a few hours earlier.  It's on a first come first served basis.  Since there's a serious drop in Hollywood summer blockbuster films coming out this week, the festival is such a welcome relief for movie buffs like yours truly.

30 before 30 Checklist

   My to-do-list snapshots   

# 10. Surfing Safari.  When in Hawaii, you must hit the waves.  I think even I was surprised that I got to stand up on the board.  Awesome feeling while riding the waves, not so much when your face hits the water upon wiping out.  For only $50, the whole experience was definitely worth it.

#11. Scuba diving.  There was a little pressure on my ears on the first dive.  Good thing, we tried it again the next day.  Really made me appreciate all the wonderful under the sea sights.

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