Saturday, May 24

Why Georgia?!?

If you've had people accuse you of being born with the proverbial silver spoon, then you'd know just how hollow the words "welcome to the real world" sounds by now.

Why is it that poverty is always equated to noble-ty? If you were accustomed to a cerain kind of lifestyle does that make you any less courageous? Any less strong? You're sure most of us have had their fair share of shitass things happening in their life. And sure some are pretty shallow, but for the most part there are true heartbreaks, true crashing pains despite whatever your social status is. Being poor doesn't give you the monopoly to suffereing.

Sunday, May 11

Weekend in Review

I hate using cliche lines to open anything, but that is just what i am about to do here...

You can't remember the last time you have ever felt this much of a roller coaster of emotions all in one day. How quickly things change. From being the happiest one moment to downright despair the next. Having just a week left before your hotel days reach a complete halt, you tried to scour high and low today for a place to stay at in Cavite...yes, much for vacationing at Tagaytay. Gone are the sweet days of cool breezey feel. Say hello to swarming traffic, shitty ass dorm rooms and outright Old Brooklyn borrough-ness environment.

Things to do while in Exile Island

Sigh. I can't believe it's been a month already. That makes me officially "independent" woman for a little over a month. How time flies... (wink wink) So Tagaytay has officially been my choice place to stay at, finally decided to stop with the channeling of a hermit and finally rediscover the place.
Having been to Highlands, Royale, the Cliff House and the slew of bed and brerakfast inns that has been sprouting in this part of the archipelago a dozen of times (oooh but im still loving The Botique and Antonio's!) we decided to do some exploring, and so with that...

The top five things/places to do while in Tagaytay:

1.) Pottery session. No labor day weekend drama here just some good 'ol Housewife in Training alerts. Just 10km away from my hotel (km 45 emilio aguinaldo highway) a new must-see, must-go place is safely tucked away from prying eyes, Cornerstone Pottery Farm. For a nifty 250 bucks you get to have 1 kilo worth of clay, a 10 minute walk in tour of the work floor and of course a hands on pottery session. Oooh think Demi Moore in Ghost. Unfortunately no matter how hard i try to channel the inner Demi Moore in me, it just won't fly. Sans from the very forced compliment i had to extract from EJ (the owner of the place) my pieces were decsribed to be ummm "full of character". It seems Norvino was the only one with a bright Potter future.

2.) Chillaxing at Splendido. I have always passed by this place either on the way to Tong's house in Royale or to Manong's but I have never been able to see what's all the hoopla about. So with bestfriend and boyfriend in tow, decided to spend the afternoon chillaxing like it's BR forever. Cheap ice coffees reminiscent of the Nescafe Ice that was sadly discontinued a few years back. Nostalgia. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that product - the one with the blue shaker....) Splendido is the perfect spot to just unwind. It gives you a major close up view of Taal Volcano. Never thought it's possible to look smaller up close, but it can apparently!

3.) Gambling at Casino Filipino. Ok so this is something totally not new. AND something we totally always do when in Tagaytay. But what the heck, it deserves a spot in my countdown hehe. I absolutely HATE gambling. Unless I am winning of course, which for some reason unbeknownst to me never seem to happen here in Philippine Shores. (Damnit i won in Macau and aboard Virgo Cruise liner but not a single centavo here in the Philippines). I think it's pretty much established that you shouldn't wear rubber slippers but it still is annoying when one of your friends is denied entrance because of that and yet you see a seaful of old timers wearing rubber slippers, ,hereby dubbed as "PASHION slippers" by the rude night guard. No to slot machines! RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED! :P Too bad there's no craps table in Casino Filipino, Tagaytay. Manong would have loooved that!

4.) Lunching at Taalena. I don't know if it was brought about by extreme exhaustion but whatever they served in Taalena i absolutely devoured! Again you get to have a nice view of that volcano and if you sit outside, you actually get to have the fog/clouds to run past your face when it gets extremely cold.

5.) Late night snacking at Sanctuario. It was rated by Philippine Tatler 
as one of the best restaurant's in Tagaytay. However there was conflicting reviews from the gang. I voted the pizza to be yummiest and yet nobody seemed to want to touch it. Everyone loved their pasta and yet when we ordered another set the second time around, the chef must have felt tired already as all spices seemed to have left the concoction. Still a cool place though.