Sunday, May 30

Sex and the City 2: On the Red Carpet

This week is going to be Huge for the ladies!  Sex and the City 2 will officially open in Manila this Wednesday.  Me and the girl friends will no doubt be there come opening day. But while waiting, here's a little something to get us by: hot fashion from the stars at the world premiere of SATC 2.

Dashboard Confessional Live in Manila

There's just something absolutely thrilling about seeing one of your favorite bands perform.  If you've ever been a fan you would get this.  You stand in line for the longest of time, you stand some more for the duration of the entire show, you glow buckets of sweat, but in the end, when they come out, you pump your fist up in the air like everyone else and scream as loud and wildly as you can.

I remember watching Incubus a few years back.  I got my phone stolen by the end of the night, but it didn't really matter, it never diminished the music-high I got from Brandon Boyd's oh-so-hot performance.

So last night, the Hubby and I rushed to Trinoma grounds to get us some Dashboard loving.  Silly blogger's fan-mania was at its highest.  Having just listened to their songs in the car on the way to the concert grounds, Hubby and I were definitely ready to pump it up.

Wednesday, May 26

Conquering Pinatubo

Since I'm on house arrest tonight (damn you stomach cramps!), thought it best to post some much overdue past trips.  This one was taken over a year ago.  One of Hubby's friends organized a hiking trip and probably didn't know any better than to invite sloth-like Wifey.  

There was a 4:45am call time.  And obviously, being the only sane couple in the group, we were the last to arrive.  NO ONE should be perky at this ungodly hour.  But whatdoiknow, I remember Hubby's friends acting like a bunch of Energizer Bunnies, in stark contrast to my very own Dead Man Walking, that morning.  Where do they get all the energy? I wonder. 

It was a three hour drive to get from Manila to lahar zoned Pinatubo.  Good thing though, got to spend the entire time sleeping in the car.  And most likely cursing self for agreeing to hike at this hour!

Dining at 7 Corners

I'm all about buffets.  More so, if it's a hotel buffet.  Lately, despite constant ranting of unwanted pounds, the Hubby and I have been on a rather regular foodfest schedule.  And so 2 weeks ago, we were treated to another pound-worthy meal at 7-Corners, Crowne Plaza.

Monday, May 24

Week in Review

Random stuff that made me smile this week.

1. Yummy-won't-break-the-bank shabu shabu at Thousand Cranes.  They have individual shabu shabu sets for only around Php 280.00.

2. Hanging out with friends at Pammy's 25th redux.

3. Discovering a new must-see TV series. V, a remake from a 1983 mini series, is what's keeping me and the Hubby sleepless for the past few days.

4. Going back to yoga finally after a month of vacation.  Need to get back into shape for #5.

Thursday, May 20

American Idol: Lee DeWyze

I've said it before, I'll say it again, this year's batch of American Idol hopefuls seem a tad short of that star-making quality previous season's contestant like Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, heck even Anoop Desai just bring to the stage.  But for the past few weeks, one particular Idol hopeful has been making this silly blogger one of his biggest fan.

And last night, with his rendition of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah, Lee DeWyze has cemented himself and his raw raspy voice as my American Idol bet for this year.

I almost got a little teary eyed in the end too! Love it!

Monday, May 10

Rafe's Dream Weaver

I am loving Rafe's 2010 Spring Collection.  Dream Weaver boasts of sophisticated handcrafted bags and totes that showcases the work of a Philippine ethnic tribe T'boli.  According to Rafe Totengco, this particular tribe is known for their craftsmanship in brass casting and traditional weaving, which creates a unique fabric called Tanilak.

The Katherine, $275

 The Karolina, $275


"The fabric is characterized by rhythmically repeated geometric patterns of 
highly stylized human and animal forms, some of which are said to 
represent human figures in traditional housing structures. 
The T'boli weaves this cloth using fibers from the abaca plant, 
a variety of the banana family. The fibers are extracted from the inner 
section of the wild banana plant, dried and separated into strands, 
then joined into long threads needed for weaving."

Photo creds and info: Rafe Totengco

Election 2010

Our very first semi-automated election in the Philippines. Woot!  I am super happy that many friends and acquaintances have exercised their right to vote and took part in this historic event.  According to ABS-CBN news, this year's election had the most number of voter registration EVER with 57 million strong not including overseas registration.  Glad to see that people are excited for a change.  And yes, there were long lines and some confusion but that's expected.  And really now, what is a few hours compared to the next 6 years of our lives right? Hee. Although my lucky sister voted late in the afternoon and it took her only 15 minutes. Drats, mashado kasing excited e. 

Hubby and I voted on separate precincts.  It took us just a little under 2 hours to vote.  Ipod and magazine helped.

Poll watcher: Natapos mo na basahin yung magazine mo noh
Jakers: (carrying two magazines) Pangalawang ulet ko na po tong binabasa
Poll watcher: *shouts to other poll watchers* Sabi ko sa inyo e dalawang beses na raw nyang nabasa! 

I thought it was rather awesome when I inserted my ballot and the machine said "Congratulations, you're vote has been counted."

Hey, maybe next 2014, we could have the registration automated as well!  Here's hoping!

Wednesday, May 5

Hilarious Rumor

After waking up at an ungodly hour for a friend's engagement party, it was pretty much a lazy Sunday afternoon for the Hubby and I.  But of course, this silly blogger couldn't let her Hubby sleep in peace.  While watching The Buzz I saw the picture of my oh so cute newly-born nephew splashed across the screen. *My low pitch shrieks wake up the Hubby*  Before happy fingers began speed dialing my sister's number.

Turns out, a picture of my brother-in-law's friend carrying his baby was picked up by news agencies and totally run with the "whole" story despite shall we say, umm, lack of an actual story.

Totally hilarious and gave my nephew his 20 seconds of fame.

Here's the clip from The Buzz of Iya Villania clarifying the nature of the photo.

Update: Today a friend emailed me that Baby Cody's on the front page of Yahoo.Com.Ph.. Totally bananas!

Siquijor: Mystics and Magic


When I was young, I heard a lot of scary stories told about this enchanting island.  Mainly by silly maids, who if memory serves me right wanted nothing more than to scare the living daylights out of prepubescent teens. *sheesh*  A decade later, that memory still haunts me.  The maid's, not her wild stories.

But true enough, growing up I would hear countless more tales about the island's supposed eerie-ness, the home to mangkukulams, sorcery and other Regal Films inspired B-movie plot line.  Fortunately, we were traveling with someone from Dumaguete, who branded silly tall tales as nothing but utter myths and such.

Trip to Dumaguete

While waiting to reach our next travel destination this June, please indulge this silly blogger as she takes a look back at some of her past exploits.

Dumaguete. Negros Oriental. February 2009.

Sunday, May 2

Dashboard Confessional's LIVE

Finally! The band who sang my all time favorite "Hands Down" and uber emo alt/love song, "Stolen" is coming to Manila! *dances like a school girl!*.  Dashboard Confessional will be performing live this coming May 27, 2010, 8pm in Trinoma, Mindanao Open Parking.  Thank gawd it's a holiday tomorrow.  It gives silly blogger and the Hubby plenty of chances to go to TicketWorld and hoped that the reserved seats are still available!

For more info go to Ed Arevalo's blog,

EARLY BIRD – Get 20% Discount (Until May 3, 2010 only!)
Available on internet purchase and over-the-counter outlets at TicketWorld.
Ticket Prices:
EARLY-BIRD (Until May 3, 2010 only)
VIP PhP 3,256.00 (Reserved Seating)
Gold PhP 2,432.00 (With Seats – FCFS)
Silver PhP 1,236.00 (Standing)
Bronze PhP 580.00 (Standing)
REGULAR (Starting May 4, 2010)
VIP PhP 4,070.00 (Reserved Seating)
Gold PhP 3,040.00 (With Seats – FCFS)
Silver PhP 1,545.00 (Standing)
Bronze PhP 725.00 (Standing)
Update: Woohoo! got our tickets! See you guys on the 27th!

Saturday, May 1

BSG Fanatic Alert

I finally got Dear Hubby to watch Battlestar Galactica! *Hooray*  For months now, piles and piles of BSG dvd's have been sitting by their lonesome self, unattended in our game-room, waiting for that fateful day when Dear Hubby finally succumbs to his silly wifey's pressure.  That or take pity on the pile that's starting to accumulate dust from neglect.  Either way was acceptable to me.

And THAT day has arrived, when silly blogger is no longer the only one in our household to understand the meaning behind the words: Frak, Brig, Starbuck, Caprica, and Number 6!  He's still in episode one but I'm seeing signs of early addiction syndrome developing.  I've considerably mellowed from the BSG pow-wows while trying to ease him into the whole BSG phenomenon.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect as well.  Because after months of chasing after the BSG gameboard in Hobbes and other toy shops, I was finally able to get a hold of a set last March. I (literally) had to pry it away from some random stranger's hands.  I know I sound way too geeky, but I promise BSG rocks!

Can't wait to play BSG!
Need to "bribe" girl friends.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Two years ago, I flew to Palawan to oversee an event for Nestle.  It was my second week into a new post and dare I say, no matter the headache the rush requirements gave me, I have no complaints whatsoever over this particular assignment.

Puerto Princesa.  One of the best things that I have ever seen in my life was the underground river or the Puerto Princesa Subterrenean River National Park, safely tucked in the town of Sabang, a good 2-3 hour drive from the city proper.