Thursday, November 5

I am the King of the Walking Road

Sorry haven't been updating in awhile... As you know wedding is less than a month now and there's been a lot of last minute wedding preps and house things that needed to be taken care of.  Plus I recently got some freelance gigs that took some valuable blogging time.

Anyway, this has been a late post I still haven't organized photos from the House of Vanity fashion show and the Philippine Fashion Week.  For now this is silly blogger being all happy about finishing the 5k run at the recently concluded Adidas King of the Road.

I always question my sanity in the middle of a run.  "Why oh why am I doing this once again?"  It just seem insane for someone like me, someone who abhors physical activities to be doing one marathon after another.  And it's not like I ever REALLY run.  No, I just do walkings and at most 3 burst of running spree.  I actually heard a fellow runner asks someone, "Kung ayaw mo ng tumakbo, may magsusundo ba sayo?" Needless to say no such luck for poor sloth faker runner me.

My only complaint in this year's Adidas' KOTR is that there are more cars than usual.  I think they should completely block off the path the runners take during a marathon.  Hire more cops to oversee the traffic.  It's scary when you are running oblivious to the world and suddenly a loud honk invades your day dreaming privacy.

Next year, let's see if madness comes to me once again.  For now happy with my 1:10 time.

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  1. yeah, can imagine...

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......