Friday, January 21

30 before 30 checklist

 My To-Do-List Snapshot

#4 Bungee Jumping: Macau Tower

The free fall took all but four seconds.  But hanging in there, upside down, 61 floors high, for what seemed like eternity, sure gave silly blogger a much needed heart jolt.  The look on my face during the brief interview says it all, "What the f*@$ am I doing here?"

1.) No, it's not a life changing experience.  It's a jump. A freaking HIGH jump, but let's get real, it won't cure cancer. I won't deny, it's pure awesomeness at its best, especially the feeling you get afterwards, but don't go into it thinking it will change anything after. No, I'm still as silly & scared as ever.
2.) It's 261 meters high. You're bungee jumping not from a cliff but from a tower that you can smack right back into if you're not careful, so no to showy jumps, you just need to lean off the edge and let go.
3.) Befriend other jumpers. More importantly, befriend the AJ Hackett staff.
4.) Total cost for this adventure is around Php 12,000


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