Tuesday, April 1

Davao Escapades

You stretched your hands out of the window and you knew instantly…summer has officially started. The heat is just unbearable… Good thing the gang finally got to go on their much awaited Summer 08 adventure. There were 19 bakasionistas all in all. Unfortunately three from the gang couldn’t make it (Missing you dearest, ca, jaynie and rain) Started the day with a little hitch…Hmm this is the disaster crew that went cruising all over Asia after all, bound to encounter loads of adventures and misadventures here.

Jackson got to the airport a little late thereby making him and Maricris missed their flights completely. Horror of all horrors! They had to pay extra charges to wait for the 3pm flight which was moved to a 4pm – 5pm – 6pm and finally 7pm. Egad! You can just imagine them waiting frustratingly at the airport lounge.

March 28, 2008. Davao. Upon arrival, dear ‘ol King of Davao Ed picked us up.

We had to leave our resident shobe Jean behind for awhile because Smart is just overworking her to death and she needed to attend some blah blah seminar in the midst of the vacation.

“Hindi ka pwedeng magroro magisa – maputi at maganda ka!!!”

Bali Bali Resort. NOW we have officially entered Buhay Retired territory. Loving the fact that we were able to rent out the entire resort for ourselves…hmmm erratum…there were 2 other people on the island…the honeymooners. Poor them!... You bet you’re a$# they wanted you guys out of the island for some honeymooner’s R&R. Sorry dearies, we’re all decked out and ready to worship the sun.

The one absolutely fantastic thing about Bali Bali Resort is the moment you stepped inside the resort, you immediately get the feeling of tranquility.  Like how vacations were meant to be, sans all the commercialization of it all.  It is a semi-private resort, hence you really get a bang for you buck if privacy is what you are after!

Bali Bali Resort is located at Samal Islands in Davao
Contact: (632) 234-3067 or balibali_resort@yahoo.com.ph
$$$: One garden villa costs about Php 5,900

Fun Memories. Girls vs Boys caterpillar games in the pool. We won of course! (well, it’s MY blog, I have the prerogative to lie! *bows*)… This game was a sheer test of our kicking, splashing, as well as maniac-ing skills (the last one of course only applies to Lloyd!! Haha wink wink!). 

“Pang Maxim”

“Silhouette shots. Directed by master choreographer Poletski and Norvino."

8PM. March 28, 2008. Night swimming. Endless Picture Taking. Card Playing. Johnny Drinking. Card Tossing. Jacuzzi Loving. This is life!

March 29, 2008. Davao Crocodile Farm

March 29, 2008. Dinner. Jeanie and Norvin celebrated their birthdays by treating us to lechon and all things yummy. Then proceeded to Casino Filipino to try and win back their monies. Tough luck guys.

March 30 2008. White Water Rafting.
Location: Davao Wildwater Adventure

Team Couple vs Team Single.

Not necessarily a fair match. We might have had the best swimmers in our raft but we also had a handicapped….ummm yeah that would be our dear Baby Sua – who only learned how to swim a day before. Haha. We had a total of four falls. Two of which was contributed by yours truly, one was that of Sua’s and finally heck even your guide got into the falling spree.


Sunburns. Bruises. Fighting the rapids. Oh yeah one crazy day of fun!

Fun Memories. Pammy almost jumping out of the raft to save dear ‘ol fiancé Sua. That’s super GF for you “HON HON!!!”/ Eben’s legs – striking resemblance to a motor boat once the fear of one tiny snake in the water was unleashed in his heart/ Team Singles trying to capsized by fate – unfortunately they are just that gifted in rowing and couldn’t bring anyone to be thrown over board hence they forced their way to capsized-ment/ You – hanging on to dear life while Manongski just sits there smiling not even attempting to pull you up.

Washing Up. Welcome to Ed Inn. A place where dreams come true. Ummm yeah all access to porn for the guys that is. LOL.

9:10PM March 30, 2008. Sadly you guys have to bid Davao goodbye.

Seriously fun! You recommend eating at Marina for anyone who goes to Davao.

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