Sunday, April 20

Week in Review

It's like coming home to a totally different world. Saturdays are now meant for BR activities with the gang such as having our nails done at nail spa, taking massages at urban spa, dinning at sumptuous Japanese restos - a far cry from the past five day's trucking experience *It will all be over soon - 3 more days and you "graduate" from this initiation.

April 15, 2008. After 5 or 6 sari sari store visits we chanced upon this medium sized sari-sari store. And being the over eager person that i am, i told my truck mates *yes, that's what I'm calling them now* that we should open this particular account. So walked up to the store, politely asked the owner if we could come in and proceed to enter, we did. Only... i would have never imagined that the main door would be anay-infested and apparently should not be touched much less be opened. I nudge it the first time and it wouldn't budge. Not wanting to piss off the owner by making her wait, tried my hardest to pull the door open. And then suddenly... Horrors! The entire door came crashing face down in front of me. Hmmm seriously thinking of raising my insurance coverage. 

April 17, 2008. Not feeling all that well but didn't want to miss trucking (woopee!) So when the very first sari-sari store we went to had some strung out lolo, who seems to take a fancy of mixing gin with his coffee, i wanted nothing more than to crawl back to bed and hide forever. What does this S.O. lolo do then? He launched into a tirade against my companion - threatening to shoot him if he ever sees him again and doesn't stopby. WTF!?! Didn't want to aggreviate the situation i just refused to acknowledge his presence and his comments - and seriously... looking at his yellow laced eyeballs was making me sicker than i already was.

Note to self: take up self defense class SOON.

8:55PM - Running into the 14th hour of working, everyone was getting kinda tired to say the least but we still had to load stocks back up the truck. Having had such a long day, the loading was being fast tracked so that everyone can go back to their respective cocoons. I was standing at the door opening, making sure that all SKUs are being stocked up properly...And then suddenly...Horrors!!! Already wishing that i was back in the hotel when, six boxes of Nestea Litro all fell on top of me. Shocked screams all around. And then back to loading. Seriously!! I DEMAND A HAZARD PAY!!! Hmm really should just increase my insurance coverage.

April 18, 2008. Finally get to go home! I was so excited to see everyone. As soon as the bus reached coastal mall i knew instantly that i was back. Cars started to pile up and loud honks were all around. Sigh - was this what i was looking forward to the entire week?! Hmmm....Beginning to have second thoughts when dear sweetheart of a boyfriend came rushing home with all my favorite food in tow. Siiiigggghhh after five days of cup noodles - THIS is heaven!

April 19, 2008. Random Saturdays with the girls plus some of the guys. Nothing beats an afternoon of beauty, rest and the BR life. And when Cath decides to treat us to a tableful of sushi's and sashimi's that was just the perfect cherry on top of my icing-filled cake day.

I will be off to Tagaytay later tonight but first would make a guest spot at a wedding reception for one of Manongski's old high school mate. Only three days in Tagaytay this week and i'm back in Manila to attend a training and crash a party at Carol's :P


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