Sunday, May 11

Weekend in Review

I hate using cliche lines to open anything, but that is just what i am about to do here...

You can't remember the last time you have ever felt this much of a roller coaster of emotions all in one day. How quickly things change. From being the happiest one moment to downright despair the next. Having just a week left before your hotel days reach a complete halt, you tried to scour high and low today for a place to stay at in Cavite...yes, much for vacationing at Tagaytay. Gone are the sweet days of cool breezey feel. Say hello to swarming traffic, shitty ass dorm rooms and outright Old Brooklyn borrough-ness environment.

There's a certain standard you'd like to keep. You have been used to a certain level of comfort that you realized you are willing to compromise for but ONLY if the perceived ROI is something worth it. But to go from marbled floors to cockroach infested ones - to go from hot water showers to a single blue pipe device disguising itself as a shower is something unacceptable! - And the toilet does not even have it's own cover. You feel suffocated just by the memory of the darn H-hole. And yes, it was not love at first sight nor will it ever be love at the last glance. With hands in gasping position, you wanted nothing more but to run as far away from that place as possible.

- - - - - ... - - - -

Meeting up with friends over coffee always has a way to cheer you up. And you find things to laugh about even at the most dire of circumstances (unwanted living conditions being one of them) It is always nice to catch up over old and new chismis (One week is such a long time and things have a way of sneaking up on people - that Monday's news is something old and forgotten already by the time you get to hear it...sigh)

- - - - - ... - - - -

Disaster struck just before meeting up with your family for dinner at Zensho. You blame the stupid rain for pouring as hard but most of all you blame the crappy drainage system we have here in the Philippines. Few minutes of rain could not amount to such flooding supposedly - - but when you're in Kamuning - 'lo and behold IT apparently can.

Having reached Zensho your car suddenly stalled...If that wasn't the worst case yet, your horns have pretty much turned mute the entire day due to some electrical glitch or what not. So when horror of horrors a car in front of you guys was reversing straight into your side, it was like watching a train wreck about to happen and there's nothing that you guys can do but watch...

And like a child not getting what she wanted, your grown up 25 year old self was regressed to wailing.

"Why are you shouting!?"

"You hit us!!!!"

"We just had it fixed! We just had it fixed!!"

"Why did you hit us!!!"

- - - - - ... - - - - -

After solving major dilemma number 101, we went straight to meet up with the gang at Power. The events of the day finally winding down to a pretty peaceful end. Slowly you guys begin to recover from all the insanities. Powerplant has that soothing effect on you. With all the ups and downs, finally a silver lining on the horizon - all the drama has turned into nothing more but an anecdote to be laughed about.

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