Saturday, May 24

Why Georgia?!?

If you've had people accuse you of being born with the proverbial silver spoon, then you'd know just how hollow the words "welcome to the real world" sounds by now.

Why is it that poverty is always equated to noble-ty? If you were accustomed to a cerain kind of lifestyle does that make you any less courageous? Any less strong? You're sure most of us have had their fair share of shitass things happening in their life. And sure some are pretty shallow, but for the most part there are true heartbreaks, true crashing pains despite whatever your social status is. Being poor doesn't give you the monopoly to suffereing.

It just doesn't make any sense. So what if you have never had to learn how to operate any kitchen appliance? Or tell the difference between a first and third gear? Will that necessarily make you a better person? Too much emphasis is given on the kind work you do, blue collar or white collar: and how much manual labor builds character if you're not used to it... the truth is you learn as much by the people you interact with, more so with how you react. It has little to do with what you are doing exactly (well unless you are robbing banks. wink)

Talk to me about the science of film making or the beauty in Rumi's words. That is your reality. And inasmuch as you have held on the belief that knowing such makes you think beyond your four cornered walls, that it has the capacity to break even continental boundaries, you've never insisted to anyone that THIS is the end all be all of character building. Because you firmly believed in the saying that "whatever floats your boat" should be respected. Maybe others should too, instead of sprouting lofty proclaimations lifted from the self help books being read.

You don't understand. In fact you feel that people are downright demeaning when they talk about someone's job being more of a building-blocks-to-what-makes-you-a-better-person kind of experience simply because it goes beyond the comforts of an airconditioned office. It is too one dimensional of a thought train. Just because something demands more of a physical than mental strength or just because you're constantly surrounded by a less than stellar environment doesn't automatically equate to bringing out the best in your character or knowing how the others live. It's like almost saying with audacity that just a month of experiencing such gives you an in-depth knowledge of their plight. Umm yeah, you don't think so. Again, your character stems not just from what you do, but how you react to what is presented to you.


Note: This was written a month ago..just had the time now to post this...

Why Georgia, was a song sung by John Mayer.

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