Saturday, July 17

Christopher Nolan's # 1 Fan

I've decided to dedicate an entire page for Christopher Nolan. Why? Because he's my director crush and he deserves that and so much more!

Last Monday, Hubby and I were fortunate enough to get free tickets for the advance screening of Inception (thank you, universe!)  And let me tell you, this movie was MIND BLOWING!  A definite must-see in anyone's list.

Just like all of Christopher Nolan's movie.

Inception, stars Leonardo Di Caprio as Dom Cobb, a highly trusted dream extractor.  He is hired by fantastically rich guys to do corporate espionage in the most "creative" manner.  By stealing their deepest darkest secrets hidden in the one place supposedly safe from any kind of treachery, their subconsciousness.  He is the best in this uber unique profession but it has costly him dearly.  The price tag of which has made it impossible for him to see those that he love, except in the dream realm.  So when a new opportunity presented itself, a chance meeting with Ken Watanabe's character (ok, not so much a chance, but more of an attempt to steal information gone wrong), gave him a last job that can make everything right once again, he blindly grabbed at it, regardless of the consequences.

The movie although really just a very complex heist film, is given a very intelligent treatment.  Right from the start you know, you're in for quite a ride (sometimes a very exhausting one at that, right jean?) The way, Nolan, constructs and deconstructs reality is like watching a master working at his craft.  And just like in Memento, Dark Knight and The Prestige, the style of how the movie unfolds has everything to do with what the movie is all about.  A stroke of genius, really.  That's why Christopher Nolan is my # 1 director crush!


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