Wednesday, July 21

Usher in Manila

Hubby was more into Usher's music than yours truly, truth be told.  But I did have a fantastic time.  Save for that not-so-wise decision of wearing my red high heeled boots to the concert.  But hey, we got our tickets for free there's no way I could possibly not enjoy myself.  Illogical fashion decisions aside.

The crowd wasn't as responsive as the last concert I've attended, but I thoroughly loved Usher's performance and energy.  Ibang level talaga!  Plus he sang all his oldie hits, which made silly blogger loved him more.

Some of the songs included in his set list: You make me Wanna, You Remind Me, My Boo, Yeah, Confessions, Nice & Slow, Let it Burn, and of course the oh-so popular OMG.

One of the highlights of the week definitely.


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