Monday, September 1

The First in the Gang

Tong's getting married in less than a week's time. So how can friends go and show their support ?! Why, throw some kick-ass PG 13 bridal shower, of course! Yes honey, that's PG because we couldn't get around to hiring a stripper. There were too many objections from the uncorrupted ones. Sigh. I have only attended my sister's prior to this, and let me tell you i was slightly disappointed because this sacred right of passage was not properly honored.

" i havent attended any bridal showers prior to this one, but being the
hollywood-film obssessed person that i am, i had certain umm
expectations..expectations that to my dismay i would found out early on will not
be met that particular evening...READ: Where the hell was the male stripper????
the one that's supposed to be decked out in a
fireman/policeman/fill-in-desired-blue-collar-job uniform...he was supposed to
ding dong his way into the room..
" Posted August 2006, Sister's shower

So I vowed that the next time around, there will be a friendly neighborhood fireman/policeman to corrupt the minds and eyes of the seemingly youth. But alas, not on this one. Maybe at Pam's? Perhaps. Still keeping my fingers cross. And again same disclaimer as's not because i am this sicko who will enjoy the sight of a scantily clad bloke gyrating his way for a living in some sleezy motel but again "isn't this some sort of right of the same league as going to the prom, turning 18, falling in love, graduating, getting your heart broken, and whatever crazy stunts kids do just saying...some life experiences, no matter how presumably repugnant to the point of convulsion, are sacred and must definitely definitely be explored"..

The theme was Lady Mafia
Attire: Dress to Kill

The Mob Squad

the boss

The Crew
Some adult entertainment...

The Gifts
The place?!?

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  1. Looks like u guys had fun...

    Visit for the nightlife...