Monday, September 22

Trip to Macau

It was something out of a whim. Jean texted us that there was a Piso fare promo by Cebu Pacific. And then within minutes it was decided and immediately tickets were booked for Macau. After that people were already starting to doubt the sanity of the plan. Were we all just a little too spontaneous?

Days before everyone was excited. All the little kinks have been finally resolved.

the little bomber man is yours truly.  
Was hiding from my boss who also had a flight to HK that day.

When we arrived it was a mad rush from start to finish. The Venetian shuttle has already left. So we were left with no recourse but to take the airport cab (also by Venetian) for MOP60.00. We thought that was cheap until we found out that the ride is only 2 minutes away. Darn it. Naisahan kami don ah. Upon arrival we waited for Pinky and Precy to check us in. Loitering around the lobby and taking photo ops whereever possible.

Venetian Hotel costs about Php 50,000 per room per night.  But it's pretty big and with roughly 8 or so travelers sharing, the costs was not that painful to one's pockets.

We were supposed to watch the greyhound match. But we arrived nearing midnight already and the match ends by 1130. So after our power meal we opted to just check out the place. It was sooo huge that my legs hurt from all the walking.

Manong couldn't wait to play Sicbo. He kept on educating us about the rules of the game. And later that night after everyone was in bed, he, kwai and Norvin would go down and play.

The next day, the group was divided into 2 teams. The Econos would stay in Macau and check out Fisherman's Wharf and other tourist sites while the AB group would meet up with Yao at Hong Kong Disney Land.

We almost got thrown out of the bus even before we arrived. The bus stopped here. And Dear Fiance had to apologize so that we can continue on with staying inside. Sigh. Major Disaster # 1

Day three. This was a very jam-packed day. We had breakfast at the Venetian fast food. Fat Burger for me! Picture taking by the poolside before proceeding to Macau Tower. Yaoie had to go to Germany the following day so he had to say goodbye after the photo op session by the pool. I kissed Kwai by accident. I thought he was Dear Fiance and I wanted to reassure him because I have been teasing him that morning. To my surprise, Dear Fiance's normallly smooth cheeks had spikes of beard attached to it. Ay si Kwai pala!

On the bus, we saw a couple who was headed towards the tower as well. We would later see them on the 61st floor geering to jump. Friends stayed at the 360 café and later at the ground floor restaurant to catch Dear Fiance and me jump.

After that we went to Senado Sqaure to buy some pasalubongs and see the ruins of St. Paul. Having already been to Macau, we didn't climb all the way up (because we know there's just a bunch of rocks on the other side) Instead we just opted to do another round of photo op with the ruins as backdrop. If you walk towards St Paul, you would find yourself being offered all sorts of dried beef/pork goods. We tried most of the goods and had jean and Dear Fiance haggled on our behalf.

The girls were on a mission to look for THE perfect boots. So we stopped by this quaint little store. Kwai had the hots for the store owner so he convinced us that we better buy something inside. And we all did. But kwai's "moves" were stucked to "what time do you open and what time do you close" phase, unfortunately. He was probably embarrassed, here he was making his moves and all his friends were mocking him in Filipino.

Since the French restaurant we originally wanted to have dinner at was already closed. We decided to try something local. The place had Filipino waiters. Pretty cool we get to have neat service. Except one waiter wasn't as friendly as most of the Filipinos we bumped into at Macau.

After dinner, again we were supposed to watch the greyhound match. But having three more Casinos to visit. There just wasn't enough time. Coupled with this the fact that we actually rode the wrong bus. So we had to go out and since we were already in the vicinity of Grand Lisboa we decided to do our Casino tours instead.

Grand Lisboa - as Dear Fiance pointed out was a place where a lot of ummm Comfort Women hang out. In fact in the basement, there's a bunch of them who will just approach you and ask if you want to "get out of this place" (hint hint). Of course we went there with a different agenda in mind, well I don’t know about Kwai!

We wanted to see Stanley Ho's jewels. It must be nice to be related to that Man. My god. In his hotel stands the largest single piece of jade and gold I have ever seen. And if you go to the second floor, you will find His Diamond. A whopping 200 karat stone. Norvin beware, I think pinky wants a piece of that!

Jewelry hunting done, we walked a good mile towards Wynn Hotel. Wynn Hotel is one classy place. Inside you'll find an array of high end stores such as Prada, Louie Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and the likes. We first waited outside to see the fountain show ala-Bellagio. It was pretty great. The marvels of technology. But inside the show was even better. Dear Fiance has been harping about the golden tree since we got there (this apart from Sicbo education) The ceiling and the dome from the ground would open and a chandelier like structure would lower itself down to meet with the "Golden Tree" coming from down below. It was really something else. Afterwards we were all in unison clapping and exageratingly saying "The Tree deserves a clap" until Kwai our director had to be a downer, "May isang panel hindi in sync eh" WT!?! Hehe

After the Wynn show, we found out the the last shuttle to leave Wynn for Venetian was going in less than 2 minutes. So we had to dash all the way from one side of the hotel to the next. Whew!

For our last day.  We went to check out Restaurante Fernando.  It's a Portugese place that has been getting a lot of raves from people there.  Unfortunately our timing kinda suck.  It was closed that day.  So we had no choice but to have brunch at a nearby noodle house.

After that it was back to the hotel for some shopping and giving the gondola ride a try.

Before catching up our 10pm flight we had dinner at Hoku in inside Venetian.  It's uber expensive but totally worth it.  Love Japanese food and this restaurant served the freshest sashimis this silly blogger has yet tasted.

This trip is full of running!

More from our trip in my next posting.

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