Saturday, December 6

Dear Fiance's Birthday

Paintball Wars...
Fiance together with his friends threw a party a few weeks back to celebrate their birthdays. Being the overly mushy girlfriend that i am, i decided on a whim to threw him a surprise on his actual birthday. So asides for the sneaky gift i have been planning for months now with his friend Tisoy, days before his birthday - decided to call Global Gutz to reserved some slots for a paintball game. The fiance has been wanting to do that for awhile now.

The plan was to have around 8 of his friends plus the 2 of us to have 5 vs 5 teams, unfortunately my favorite guy friend (of his) couldnt make it. So decided to invite some of my girlfriends, hey what's better than girls sceaming crazily inside a field right?!

Mark ruined the surprise haha - just kidding. The jist was, we were supposed to go to Fort Boni to get some mysterious thing from one of my suppliers before we head to our day. On the way to the parking lot Dear Fiance spotted Mark loitering around. The surprise still hasn't sanked in until he saw Jody's car. hehe (later the fiance would tell me he thought i was going to meet Mark for our 'proposal' CD.)

Anyway - we had to wait for the late comers...yes, that would be my friends plus Jax. But well worth it. I was trash talking the entire time even as i know i would be one of the ultimate scaredy cat inside the field.

First Round. Got hit straight on the hand. Thanks a lot Vince. Ouch. Second Round. Was too blinded by the fog and the light, i stayed behind the bridges all throughout.

Dear Fiance's team won. Which was how it should be.
Happy Birthday Bear!

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  1. Look like a lot of fun... :)

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