Tuesday, December 2

Wedding 101: Wedding Expos and More...

Busy little bee. So much stuff has been happening the last couple of days. Will be posting about the surprise I pulled for Dear Fiancés birthday yesterday, the Saturday “gimmick” with the guys and much more but first off, I’m happy to report that as of last Saturday the fiancé and I had finally had officially secured our stylist/florist plus lucked out and found a photographer/videographer that suits our tastes.

Themes and Motifs hosted a wedding expo at Shangri La Hotel. Since we were planning to get Tropical Blooms already as our stylist/florist we decided to sign the contract there – you know try our luck to win the raffle promo (which we missed out on – 15 minutes late damnit!) Anyway as I said in the previous post, I’m loving Tropical Blooms because Angel is so easy to talk to. (hmm with the new changes in the contract I want to implement I hope he is still as accommodating) He even created a “sample” for the dance floor designs we were talking about when we first met. So we forked over the downpayment already (ouch!) And plan to crash his client’s December 20 wedding at One Esplanade (ok, so he invited us) to check out what can or can’t be accomplished there.

(never mind the green stuff, it's from a different booth hehe - i love hanging topiaries!!!)

Arrangement by Robert Blancafor

Arrangement by Shangri La Hotel Stylist

The Fiancé and I have been encountering some church dilemmas as of late. Everything is booked!!! So we found a neat trick to discover other churches that would look as aesthetically pleasing. At the expo – we checked tons and tons of portfolio by the photographers and would ask about the church instead of their rates. Hee. Keeping my fingers crossed that St. Pancratius is the church to beat for now! Loving the ambiance – it seems so romantic and intimate. I’m a bit worried though that it can only fit 150 people…Most likely this would be vetoed afterall how do you tell guests to just come to the reception instead? Hehe

They don't accomodate reservations through phone - personal appearance is a must apparently hehe and hey it's air conditioned!!

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