Thursday, December 4

Facts that will get you no where...

I just found out, Multiply is the fastest growing social network here in the Philippines. In fact 60% of the entire database users of Multiply are from this side of the planet. So that leaves just about 40% for the rest of the world. Moreover, 1,000,000 pictures are being uploaded on a daily basis. With 30% of the Multiply traffic originating, whereelse?!? from the Philippines.

Whatdoyouknow!! And what did lil 'ol me do soon after?! Start posting pictures on my multiply site. Hehe... Trying to keep my part of the 30% baby!

Source: Meeting with MRM Worldwide this morning hehe

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  1. Well, keep up w/ ur FB, though, and advise Philippine TV that the future of media will be ALL in the Internet...

    SOCIAL MEDIA - The Future.

    So visit and see how the internet affects people!!!