Saturday, May 16

Random Thoughts

I haven't been able to post anything in awhile.. blaming crazy schedule for this and my stupid laptop. March, April and May are usually the hectic months in the fiance's and I's calendar. We just realized that most people we know celebrate their birthdays more so in these three particular months. Sometimes I feel bad for missing one friend or acquaintance's birthday in favor of another but as much as possible the fiance and I have tried to divide our time amongst all these birthday boys and girls.

After this week I will have more time in my hands and promise to post latest vacations in Subic and Boracay. Until then.. don't forget to watch the finale of American Idol guys!


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  1. Well, well...

    Hey, I was blog surfing yesterday as I saw a blogging site called They were having a contest about who will win one day at sandtrap for free, all expenses going to yummy cebu.... Well, 2 bloggers were really close, cuz the competition is all about who has the most likes, well, they started out as 8 likes and 7 likes.... 2 weeks later it became 29 and 29... and then until 38 38... and yesterday was the deadline.... at 6:00 pm it stopped... the LIKE WARZ which I watched with amusement ended at the international real time, 6:00 pm. sharp... and Dennies Siongco won, its on the site now... The standing was 63 to 60... and it was a well deserved prize for such an exciting battle.... My verdict, it's good to join - if you write good blogs, well, see what happens? I'll give it a shot next time, maybe I'll end up having a gourmet dinner or a fun day in the swimming pool, who knows what they're up to............. ;)