Friday, June 26

NBA 2009 Draft - the after thought

I was really excited with this year's draft. If only for the addition of one hot Spanish superstar - the barely legal Ricky Rubio. I have, for months now, been faithfully watching downloads of his brilliant plays on Youtube.

And so it happens. The NBA draft has officially begun and ended. Minnesota was the lucky/unlucky team to have snagged him- # 5 draft pick of 2009. Unfortunately, rumors are circulating on-line that he may not play for Minnesota or in the NBA at all next season. I really don't understand the logic behind Minnesota's move! First off, they drafted three guards! The second guard they picked right after they did Rubio! Umm maybe because I just watched the game and have no idea how to play that's why I am compelled to ask this next question... with three guards being build as the next big thing, how much playing time can Rubio honestly get??? Second, they are only giving him $500,000 to buy out his existing contract with Spain, umm yeah that's a $6.1 million discrepancy. And finally, Minnesota knew perfectly well that Rubio wanted to play for a "big market" team... If Rubio is anything like me, then he probably doesn't even know where Minnesota is at the US map! That is not BIG MARKET material! No wonder he is considering to put this whole NBA thing on hold. I will keep my fingers crossed and hoped that this is all part of some elaborate scheme to negotiate for more money and that Rubio is finally brought State-side where his incredible skills and hotness belongs!

Otherwise, it's back to Rudy Fernandez again I guess.

photo creds: getty images

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