Thursday, April 23

25 Things

A few months ago, a note being passed around Facebook became so popular that it found its way in print media. And even as I am all about randomness, I couldn't find time to post 25 random things about myself. Who knew randomness required that much thought!

2 weeks ago while under therapy-room-cleaning mode, I unearthed one of my old journals that I have completely forgotten about. Lifting through the pages, I think it's kinda funny. Sometimes things we wished for when we were young do actually come true! Maybe not eternal dream of becoming the next top model but hey...

25 Things I have to do by 25
written: July 2004 (A few months before I graduated college)

1. Engaged to someone I am absolutely crazy in love with.
(One month shy from my 26th birthday, dear fiance asked those four little words that made this wannabe-toughie crumbled to tears!)

2. Travel! Immersed myself with other people's culture. (Hmm... immersed might have been a strong word. Ever since I've learned the word airplane, I wanted nothing more than to travel the world. And glad to say that although there is still much of the world to see, I have been able to travel further and more frequently than when I was younger these past couple of years)

3. Set up my own artsy fartsy business (Unfortunately, when I graduated I immediately jumped at the chance to work for Citibank - and I turned my back on any film making aspirations. Until recently (umm like last Feb) I was still trying to climb my way through the jungle that is working for an MNC. So this is one thing that I wasn't able to do before I turned 25 but hey maybe it's time to do a 30 Things List..?!?)

4. Lived on my own (Three months prior to my 26th birthday I was given a chance to live by myself. Something I dreaded when the opportunity presented itself for real the first time around. I ended up loving every single minute of it. I loved all the insanity behind not being able to eat on time, sleeping without having locked the doors, finding mundane things to do at night, riding the bus, walking aimlessly and endlessly and best of all discovering a place I have frequented as a child but never really gotten to know)

5. Swim with the dolphins (Maybe for my 30 Things List??)

6. Published an article on a national broadsheet (Twice! yehey. Once when I was 21, the other when I was about to turn 25.)

7. Volunteered for United Nation or something similarly altruistic like that (Helped plant trees in La Mesa Dam while I was doing my internship for Unilever)

8. Bungee jumping/ Sky diving (A bit late for the 25 Things list, but I'm glad I have done this - bunjee jump 3 months after my 25th birthday. I have always been this scaredy cat who for all ironic purposes just so happens to love extreme adventure sports. You know how people say "it changed their lives" when they do something totally crazy or life threatening, well I wouldn't go as far as that, but it was one hell of a must-try experience I've got to say)

9. Explored Sagada caves (Next on my list!! I will drag my husband-to-be to go on this adventure. In fact I already found a travel agency that can arrange this and all for Php 3,800 (transportation, accomodation included!)

10. Threw a surprise party for a friend (Hmm... I don't know why this was ever on the list. I was probably a lot nicer back then hee. Glad to say that I have accomplished this task as well)

11. Weighed 110 pounds (ZINGER! Sigh I wonder when this DREAM will become a reality)

12. Have my B&W photos displayed in public (And got paid to do it! Again - just before I started my "career" I was into photography and would spent countless of hours in the darkroom of De La Salle)

13. Driving my own Vitara (No Vitara and No driving skills until now. MAYBE EVER.)

14. Pierced my navel (Soon, soon)

15. Record my own album/ finished my own movie (Done. Done.)

16. Redecorate my bedroom using art deco concept (Ok, so as much as I wanted a kick-ass room I didn't really wanted to shell out the moolah for it. Good thing that this pent up inner decorator finally got a chance to do some interior designing with the new home with hubby to be)

17. Watched Incubus/Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert (Dragged a friend who didn't know squat about them! Love love love!)

18. Climb a mountain. (Mount Makulot baby! Everyone said it couldn't be done. That I was too lazy to climb all the way to the top. Unfortunately for the naysayers, I was able to get through my first ever mountain climb without so much as a whisper of a complaint.)

19. Learn how to speak Spanish or French (there was a time that my friend Erika and I seriously thought about enrolling in Instituto. But alas, until now I don't know anything beyond si!)

20. Went on a cruise with friends (2 weeks before I turned 25 my friends and I went on an Asian cruise together with dear fiance in tow. 5 days. 3 countries. Super fun!)

21. Become an audience member of either Conan or David Letterman (I have to go to New York first!!!)

22. White water adventure (got toppled over thrice when doing this!)

23. Travel in the Philippines - at least 6 different regions (one little perk in my old job... It did allow me to go to so many regions in so little time)

24. Learn a water sport (Umm ok so "learn" is such a strong word. Dabbled might be a wee bit more true sounding)

25. Live in New York (Yeah. Passing fancy I think)


  1. i violently oppose to #14... hahaha

  2. hahaha!! somehow i dont think ill be able to do this now as well.. must have those abs first haha

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