Friday, October 23

Two Weeks Notice

Ahh love.  One of my top most fave topics in literature.  And yes, I am one of Those. Those suckers, who still believe in the whole love at first sight, love conquers all, you and me against the world fantasy.  What friends say is cheezy I think of as romantic.  It's silly but I get absolutely happy and giddy when I realized that someone whom everyone castoff as an insensitive shmuck turns out to be nothing but pure mush when face with love. (altogether now, Sobrang cheezy!)

So congratulations to dear fiance's friend.  It's funny, everyone is saying that everything is/might be moving too fast too soon.  And a potential crash and burn scenario might be a possibility.  But, eternal optimist blogger here, thinks that if you know, you just know.  I would rather trust something so love-crazy-insane than believe in a love that was so steady even the hands of St. Valentine couldn't give it the slightest hint of passion it needed.

But yes 2 weeks is kinda fast, to non-romantics.  Looking back, we would have never figured the depth of feelings that has since developed.  I mean, just last Sept 25, we met with the fiance' friends at World Music and amidst sappy sad songs, Mr. So-In-Love tells us that he had just met up with someone at Poker's Den and as if on cue proceeded to curse the heavens for our shitty singing. In the succeeding days, Sept 28,29 and October 1, we would meet up with Mr. So-In-Love and friends for drinks and a movie.  And in those times we have half-jokingly referred to him as Bi-Polar J just because the ratio of craziness to happiness was way off the charts.  There were already signs of infatuation.  The constant checking of the phone, the analyzing of text messages.  But we were still left scratching our heads when we finally saw all the changes consumed this one package.  As another Saturday of lame-Videoke-singing came along, we were all just in disbelief as Mr. So-In-Love has officially started singing love songs with matching dedications of love. 

I'm excited.  It's the beginning stages of love.  The breathlessness, the promises of eternal passion and the temporary madness that is what being IN love is all about.  And when the high highs finally subside that's when you realize that love survives even the most mundane of existence.

I love seeing friends go through the whole nine yards of it all.  And you know what, it really does change people and those who say otherwise, well they probably haven't experienced the kind of love that is worth to be told in an epic kind of way.

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