Sunday, October 18

Wedding 101: Our Invites

Our wedding invites are finally out! Yay... I love it.  Thanks to Beth of Printlane for painstakingly glueing the little swarovski-like crystals.  It's the guests' first impression to our wedding and OC-bride me is extremely happy to know that it's been getting all praises from everyone we've handed it out to so far.  They are loving the understated classiness of it all. Looks very posh daw cause of its simplicity and of course the swarozskis that fiance and I searched high heavens for, (Ok, silly me is nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko once again hehe!)  I especially love the fiance's friends reaction.  Boys are so easily impressed I tell you hee.
Cheers, it's officially 42 days to go!!!

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