Friday, October 9

Wedding 101: The Ring

I haven't been able to blog as much as I want to.  I'm blaming myself for this.  You see, this week I was officially known as One Thumb Jake.  Long story short - I accidentally starred in my own horror movie nightmare and chipped off a huge chunk of my thumb nail :O OUCH!!!

Inspiration: Channel wedding band

Inspiration: Cartier wedding bands

Anyways last Wednesday the fiance and I took a little trip to Binondo, Manila.  If you're Chinese, you probably know or knows someone who knows a jeweler in that place.  So we decided to go with New Life Jewelry and have our bands designed and drawn.  Silly blogger is happy with this little trip.  Learned a lot from talking to the gemologist on site.  Apparently the most expensive cut for a diamond is the round one - the princess cut, oval and empire cut are on the other end of the spectrum.  And asides for the carat, color is key if you want diamonds to be an investment. "D" is the rarest color of them all.  You can probably use its sparkle to shine a light during these blackouts we're experiencing.

It's officially 51 days to go!

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