Tuesday, December 8

Diving Virgins No More (Trip to Anilao)

Last Saturday, the Hubby and I, together with some old and new friends went up to Anilao, Batangas for some weekend diving.  We were the only two in our group that was considerably/totally clueless to the sport.  So we waited patiently for our turn, you know, shallow 20-40ft waters for our intro dive, while the rest of the experts thread the below 60ft mark.

I'm thinking this is something I wanna pursue.  It was absolutely breath taking under the sea. And yes, at some point while we were down there, I actually wanted to break out into a Little Mermaid song number... Maybe a little Part of Your World will drive crazy itchy jelly fishes away from my poor unfortunate souls defenseless arms.

I will not pretend to be tough. There were moments while diving that I got pretty scared.  And yes, those were the moments when scary looking fishes were giving me THE EYE.  I know it sounds totally paranoid, but I could have sworn this one fish was just out to get me. To sneakily come from behind and chew my exposed leg off.  Everyone of course thought I was more than a wee bit cuckoo.  Go figure.

We stayed over at Arthur's Place.  According to Saw, who's apparently the resident expert, the lounge areas at Arthur's was better than at Pier Uno.  But for overall room accommodations he'd still go for the latter.

A weekend dive with overnight accomodation will probably set you back a good Php 4000 per person.  Intro dive costs about Php 1500/person.

Arthur’s Place Dive Resort is located at the tip of the Calumpang Peninsula, south of Luzon, about 127 km and 2½ hrs drive from Manila using the South Luzon Expressway.* from their online site. 

Diving Photos by: Cherish Ong

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