Monday, December 28

My Year in 2009 (part 2)

.... (cont.)


...was try something new month for the hubby (then-fiance) and I.  We went to Subic with a bunch of our friends and tried to act a lot braver than we were by taking a crack at the Tree Top adventure.  Silly scaredy cat blogger here had to muster enough bravado in front of friends.  Afterall I just bungy-ed a few months back and a little tree drop should be a walk in the park right?  I don't know why I always put myself in this predicaments, ok, I do know why.  I'm mayabang as hell and I just want to prove to myself that despite the terror of a thousand deaths knocking I will let go of that damn rope. MUST let go!!!  It never fails to give me a heart attack though.  Poor weak heart deserves a little break after every challenge.  M-U-S-T develop ballsier balls. (yeah, you get what I'm getting at.)

The fifth month of the year also found us Boracay-bound with hubby's friends plus some of my ex-Nestle workmates.  Went on a helmet diving escapade and found my inner Ariel.  Boracay was extra fun due to all the freebie events we were able to attend to courtesy of Nestea and Grand Boracay (thanks Gail for hooking us up!)  Nothing beats going on a vacation with these two words always present: "OPEN BAR".


My 27th!!!  Hubby surprised me with a faux wedding.  There were family, friends, tears and cake.  What more could you ask for in a wedding, right?

We finished house construction around this time as well. So that's a double yay for us!  Good thing too, 'cause we were fast becoming a contender for the imaginary Suki of the Year award at Wilcon and Home Depot so thank gawd construction wrapped up as planned. 

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