Friday, December 4

Mr. and Mrs.... Finally!

It's finally official! We're married!!!  The day went by so fast.  I was trying to soak as much as I could and just really enjoy the moment.  So no crazy bridezilla antics, my wedding planner was surprised at how calm I was.  People were commenting that I was probably the giggliest bride they've seen (hmmm, giggly or bungisngis hehe) From the ceremony to the cocktails and the reception all the way to the after party - We were just all smiles.

I love the fact that even with 500++ guests we were still able to talk to each and every guest.  And surprisingly, we actually know all 500++ guests.  Who knew right!?!

Thanks to Veluz Reyes for making my absolute dream of a dress.  Everyone just loved all the intricate detailing of the gown and of course the much-noticed sheep-skinned like skirt.

Thank you to Hubby's friend, Dennis Panlilio for taking the pictures for our movie posters.  And yes! that's really us on the picture.  No cut and paste there!

Thanks to Niceprint Photography.  I know that silly OC bride me had a gazillion check list for Edwin and James but in the end they did their thing and I was more than thrilled.  It pays to trust your photographer talaga since they've been doing it for ages and probably knows more about the perfect angle than you ever would.

Thanks to Detalye Weddings for placing our wedding tokens and seat cards prior to guests arrival (that plus so much more).

Thank you to Angel of Tropical Blooms for transforming One Esplanade into such a lovely, magical room.  Our wedding wouldn't be as special without his touch.

And finally thanks to all our family and friends without whom, last Sunday would not have been as special.

 at the executive lounge for the wedding after-party!

Photo cred: friend's and S-i-l's cameras + a few from Niceprint

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