Sunday, February 28

Asian Cruise Nostalgia

This was one of the gang's first out of country trips back in 2007.  It still ranks as my second fave abroad trips with friends, hard to beat chilling in Hawaii still.  However, 5 days and 4 nights aboard the Virgo cruise liner did spell out pure r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n. All of us were very much carefree and single then (Can't believe that just 2 years later, 3 of us are already married) and we only had three things on our mind: FUN TIMES, SHOPPING and CRUISE CASINO!

at NAIA terminal 3, early birds all around, yehey for us!

aboard the Virgo Cruise liner that took us to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia 

in between traveling to these countries, there were plenty of moments to clown around

There were three buffet stations at Virgo and it's all free!!!  I personally prefer the restaurant where we held the Captain's ball (the food served looks so much more appetizing there) So we had our breakfast and most of our dinners there.

Just before watching a burlesk show, one of the paid programs/entertainments available at the cruise.  Shocker, but the boys actually got bored, who knew right? 

Lounging at the deck

On our last night, we went dancing at the only club on Virgo.  Pretty neat that it was just the 8 of us.  We could request for whatever type of music we wanted from the DJ! And that included some pretty lame 90s music :)

Down time at the indoor pool, the outdoor pool was always packed with Bombays and we wanted some peace and quiet :)) 

Indoor pools may have been fun for us girls, but what the boys really wanted was some action...

we finally got to wear our pretty little dresses and suits at the Captain's Ball 

First stop: Singapore

Our horror of a hotel in Singapore, Hamilton Hotel.  We had to briefly stay overnight in Singapore while waiting for the cruise ship to dock.  Who would have thought out of all the hotels in this tourist friendly place, we'd get stuck with the one with a racist front desk dude.

Strolling, Shopping, and all things Singapore
Along Orchard Road,  

at Clark Quey, looking to experience Singapore's night life


  1. Well, sure sounds like you had fun!!!!
    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......

  2. It's fun to take an Asian cruise, aside from the beautiful scenery you'll also appreciate the rich culture of Asian heritage. Every penny spent on your travel is worth it.

  3. @toni: you should try to go on a cruise it's definitely fun and worth it