Friday, February 26

And my obsession continues...

I'm a huge American Idol fan.  But this season, the talent seems to be drying up.  Maybe it's the news that Simon will soon jump ship to another singing competition show, maybe it's the nerves, or maybe after 9 seasons, A.I. has made stars out of all those deemed with potential and the well of "IT" guys and girls have finally seen its end.  Whatever the reason may be, last Tuesday and Wednesday nights performance was a little rough for me to watch.  Save for the absolutely adorable-crushable Casey James who IMHO outsang even Brian Adam's himself with his honest/sincere rendition of "Heaven"

The Hubby has given me permission to swoon and openly declare Casey James as my second husband.  Thank gawd I'm married to someone who knows just how delusional I am and still loves me. Hee

Spoiler Alert:

A bit of shocker at tonight's elimination.  Although he partly-scream, partly-screech Lenny Kravitz' "American Woman", I thought Tyler Grady had enough airtime for the past 3 weeks to pull in those much needed can't-get-enough-of-him votes.  Surprised that Lacey didn't get booted off.  I had to force myself to stay awake during his performance. But I guess people love the underdog arc A.I. has created for her.  I'm pretty sure she wouldn't get into the Top 12.

Another mind boggling non-elimination is that of Jermaine Sellars.. He's just annoying to look at.  Enough said.  And while I have never noticed Joe Munoz before, he was probably one of the better ones last night. Technically speaking.  But I guess the fact that I'm more focused on how annoying Jermaine looks rather than Joe's departure is proof that he just doesn't register at all to the viewers.

Other eliminated contestants are: Ashely Rodriguez and Janelle Wheeler.

Can't wait for next week. Hopefully we see some front-runners already. Tsk tsk.

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