Monday, February 15

Trying to be Domesticated

Last Tuesday, we had some friends over to try, lo and behold, yours truly's cooking.  I was a bit pressured to come up with something not so burnt-looking (my old time masterpiece of a recipe).  So with last Saturday's cooking lessons from Jax safely tucked in this blogger's consciousness, I went about to prepare the following: Nilagang Buto-buto with lobster balls and crabsticks, lamb stewed, buttered vegetables and finally trusty Nestea ice tea to close the deal.

I think overall it went pretty well.  Friends had second, third and fourth servings.  That's always a good sign, right?  Must now learn how to drive to complete this whole Mrs. Domesticated cycle.  Can't keep on waiting for hubby to drive me to the grocery afterall.

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