Thursday, August 12

Cats the Musical

Last week, Hubby and I watched one of the longest running musical of all time, Cats at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It was pouring hard and parking was shit as hell, but we did manage to get in before the 8pm curtain call.

Lights out. Show about to start, I heard my stomach grumble. Crap, I knew I should have eaten dinner before everything else. Oh well, too late now.

Honestly, try as we might to act all culturish we had a difficult time understanding the lyrics.   Cherrycles? Angelicals? Ano daw?  Jelicle!!  We made sure to wikipedia-ed the entire story of Cats prior to start of Act II.  Love the performance more than the actual story.  There's very little of that to begin with, a huge part of the play was introducing the different members of the Jellicle Tribe.  Good thing, I was already forewarned by my brother that Cats has almost zilch plot development and more brilliant ballet movements to look forward to. 

Lea Salonga, of course, received the loudest applause from the audience.  She did a fantastic job belting out Memories.  But don't expect to see her for a long time.  She was there for a good 10 minutes or so only.  Overall, Rent is still the best, but this one's definitely worth the orchestra tickets as well.

Tip for those yet to watch:

Be sure to step in five minutes before curtain call for the second act.  The Cats cast will be all over the first few rows, perfect way to get your close-ups and papparrazzi shots.


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