Wednesday, September 1

NBA Oldies vs PBA 2010

I got dragged into the NBA Asian challenge show by Dear Hubby.  One of his friends backed out at the last possible minute. And not wanting to waste a perfectly good seat he unwittingly brought his silly wife along.  Truth be told, I was never not a fan, in fact back in the 90s, NBA was huge in our household.  I remember watching the playoffs year after year with my dad, each of us rooting for our own separate teams. So come Friday night's game, I wasn't totally clueless about the identities of the oldie NBA guys playing in Araneta Coliseum. However, I was in for a not so pleasant shock when I saw them versus my 90s recollection of their:  A. physique B. skills C. overall appearance.

Case in Point:  Gary Payton



it's like he swallowed his former self *meanie me i know*

It was a fun night nonetheless.  I especially love the mascot from Maimi Heat who I kept mistakenly referring to as a chicken. He danced and mocked his way to huge applause from the crowd.

Dance off with the PBA KFC mascot. 
Hands down, Burnie brought the house down with his Shakira-eqsue "Hips-Don't-Lie" moves.

NBA Asian Challenge 2010 Highlights:

1.) Atoy Co, who my dad would later tell me is pushing 65 already, stole the show with his lackluster basketball skills. Hee.  He got incredible passes from Gary Payton himself, unfortunately none seem to work.  It took awhile before he made any shot.  Even fake pleading to the heavens and kneeling on the court in mock stance for the universe to just give him even 1 basket.  He finally made one, too bad it was after the buzzer. LOL

2.) Allan Caidic. Now, this was the real show stopper!  Imagine making 52 points in 1 game, majority of which coming from the 3 point range.  And he's in his 50s!!!  Even the NBA oldies were in awe of his rather awesome skill.

3.) Absolutely gorgeous former PBA player drafted in the NBA.  He's mostly a bench player there, but last Friday, he played like a true pro that could handle just about any basketball player, here or abroad. Plus did I tell you, he possesses an unbelievably ruggedly handsome face. *melt*

That's him #24!!!

Hubby paid Php 2120 for lower box tickets.  They were good seats and all but silly blogger here still thinks it's expensive.  The Coliseum was half full only.  With the patron seats and lower box occupied by fans while the upper box and general admissions area was mostly left empty.

Other notable players in the game, well at least the ones I know of:
(PBA) Alvin Patrimonio, Benjie Paras, Rico Maiehofer, LA Tenorio, Dondon Hontiveros, Ronnie Magsanoc (who Dear Hubby kept on raving about!)
(NBA) Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond and Glen Rice.


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