Monday, September 27

Shanghai World Expo 2010 (part 3)

Day 2. Country Pavilions. Finally! Here are some of my favorites:

China Pavilion

"The roof is made of traditional dougong or brackets, which was widely used in 770 BC-467 BC. In the dougong style, wooden brackets are fixed layer upon layer between the top of a column and a crossbeam. The result is interlocking wooden brackets"  

Yes, that entire tidbit is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Wikipedia provider. *claps*  Despite not going inside we were still able to appreciate the massive 7 story Pagoda style structure by China.  After the Beijing Olympics, they are truly screaming to the world how much they've arrived.  I love how they managed to integrate the traditional style with such a sleek design. 

Canada Pavilion

It is said that the pavilion is about the size of 2 1/2 NHL ice hockey rink. And, that Cirque de Soleil will be performing.   Me thinks, the overall pavilion design was plain awesome.  Very nice architectural details, clean straight lines with a monochromatic light color that showcases the every inch of the design even more.

Germany Pavilion

The entire structure occupies a 6000 square meter area.  Said to be the largest pavilion for Germany in its entire participating expo history.  With a theme of "Balancity", I just think it's cool how the structure's irregularly shaped and unique corners are perfectly 'balanced' out.

Taiwan Pavilion

Very sleek and modern, looks like something straight out of the Sci-Fi Channel.  Too bad you need advance special passes to get inside.  Conspiracy theorist in us think that this is China's way of regulating people coming into Taiwan's pavilion until they drink the China Koolaid. heehee.

United Arab Emirates

Shaped like the sand dunes that can be found abundantly in their country, the UAE pavilion looks pretty awesome especially at night. (sorry guys, didn't bring shutter clicker for longer camera light exposure)

United Kingdom

This to me spells World Expo. Such an odd ball structure built for no other reason but for the World Expo.  Reminds you of a porcupine, right? (Again, sorry guys.  Was chasing after the light, unfortunately this image fails to showcases the awesomeness that is the UK pavilion)

(this is what it really looks like!!! photo cred: Billionaire boy's club)

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

This is how our friends from Saudi Arabia interpreted the theme.  Uber modern half moon boat structure with around 150 Palm trees planted on top.
Spain Pavilion

There's just something mystical about Spain's Pavilion. It prol'ly has a lot to do with the mysterious material draping itself around the steel structures. I can't be too sure, but it looks almost like our Pinya cloth.

Serbia Pavilion

Always missing from people's list.  But silly blogger here thinks the stacked up plastic box crates from Serbia deserves a spot on my Top Favorites.  

France Pavilion
Simple design. Loving the mesh detail going on in the structure

Philippine Pavilion

Special entrance for Filipinos.  That means zero queuing time for yours truly.  Not much happening inside though. Displays of traditional musical articrafts, instruments, costumes and the likes.  There was also a Filipino band playing that entertained the expo goers.  But hands down, the best thing to do inside the Philippine Pavilion: get a traditional Filipino massage.

By this time, our legs have decided to form a strike group and leave our bodies momentarily.  It was sheer will and an obvious desire to see more pavilions that brought it back to life.

USA Pavilion

Reportedly costing around $61 million to construct, staff and create the overall presentations, the USA Pavilion is one of the best we've visited in terms of content.  Not so subtle Audio Visual Presentations uplifting the US but nonetheless it works.  Simple themed and film showcase but never lacking in impact. (Even Kobe Bryant and Pres. Obama made an appearance)  Structure-wise, it's another story altogether.  The building was very uninspired for an expo of this magnitude.

Australia Pavilion
Upon entering the OZ Pavilion, we are immediately serenaded by the National Boys' Choir of Australia. It was super crowded inside, with people pushing and shoving that getting a decent picture was next to impossible.  Main attraction is the cinema presentation with 3 revolving large screens.

Portugal Pavilion

I don't know if we came in late, but pretty much the inside of the pavilion was for a cinema presentation of life in Portugal.  And after seeing all the pastries, bread and wines, this silly blogger just might take up residency there!

More Pavilions...

Morocco Pavilion
Czech Republic

And of course, it would be wrong for me not to include my all time favorite country based on a novel, Russia.  See you soon St. Petersburg! :) 

For those who haven't seen it yet, there's still time.  The World Expo officially closes until October 24, 2010.  Better book those tickets now, less you wait for another 5 years to experience such a treat.


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