Wednesday, September 1

White Water Rafting in Davao

One of the highlights from our Davao trip for sure.  Water was raging and paddling was hell, but all in all everyone had an amazing time.  We started the day rather early, around 8am. Good friends Ed, Tong and Lloyd dropped us off at Davao Crocodile Farm, where our adventure would soon begin.
Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the friendly staff of Davao Water Adventure . We picked our life vests and helmets and were asked to create a circle around the TV.  Little did we know, we were about to watch the dangers of whitewater rafting, the what-to-do's and what-not-to-do's.  Look at our friend, Eben's face (the one in black on the far right).  Watch it change from excitedly smiling to worriedly depressing.

After that terrifying albeit educational video *hee* we were asked to sign a waiver that basically purges DWA from any wrong doing should we topple over to our deaths. 

Off to our awesome adventure.  Since we were a big group, we got one whole jeepney for ourselves. Each jeepney carrying a maximum load of 12 people inside.  Our rafts were strategically place on top.

We departed around 930am from the Crocodile Farm and arrived about an hour later at the Put-In Area in Tamugan.  Last minute instructions and guidelines were given by the staff.

It was definitely hard at first. More so for our raft, since one friend kept on sliding inside, because he was too afraid he was going to fall off.  Note to future riders, pick your raft mates well!  Such imbalance causes the people sitting on the front to topple over. Poor me then.  

Part of the package includes lunch at one of the pitstops.  And after an hour of hard paddling, we sure did work up an appetite.  Everything just tasted delicious, even if truth be told, it was just your average adobo and rice meal.  Lunch was for an hour then back to rafting we are.


The waves were absolutely raging by the time we got back to the water.  I got myself kicked out of the raft twice.  Once, hitting my back on a rock.  I don't know, maybe it was the rush of the moment, but hard as that hit was, I didn't really feel any immediate pain then.  There were a  lot of rapids along the way, a couple of "whirpools" and "washing machines" as our guide would say.  These are pockets of raging water that is almost impossible to pass through unscathed.  I should know, I got toppled yet again during our attempt to paddle our way out of it.


The whole experience took about three hours before we took the hour road trip back to Crocodile Farm.

White water rafting package: Php 1,400/pax (2008 rates)

Includes the following:
Picture/Video CD
Rafting equipments (helmet, paddle, vest)
Raft rental
Guided tour
Locker rental
Packed lunch with soft drinks
Souvenier T-Shirt

Tips for those who've never done it before:
1.) Wear a rash guard or a light longsleeves.  
It tends to get hot for those three hours that you are exposed to sun.
2.) Bring sunblock and reapply during lunch time
3.) Aqua shoes is the way to go.
4.) No electronics (cameras, cellphones).  It will definitely get wet!

Contact details:
63-8-3012020, 63-8-286-1055


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