Wednesday, August 5

Fashion Accessory

Finally got my very own Kristine Dee designed jewelry. I've been wearing it on my fourth finger since receiving the fine piece last week. Thanks mom! It's my new favorite accessory next to my red boots! :)


  1. Wow, it does look nice - I'm talking the design - very modern and nice because of the randomness of the shards, as they are being put together, randomly, some gold, some white gold or silver, and in some there are many of few or no diamonds, bigger, smaller, it's great...

    Hey, I went back to today, and guess what I found this time - they are making a NEW competition again!!!! Real fast, huh? Anyways. The competition is this time about mothers day - treat ur mom to a restaurant and write about ur moms favorite dish there - make sure u get pics!!!! Anyways, I'm going for it, might win!!!!! ;p