Saturday, January 2

My Year in 2009 (part 3)



I'm only 5'3 and so not waify in any angle imaginable.  Model material definitely not!  It was kinda cool then when good friend Pamela of Adidas asked us to join in on their shoot for their 2009 UAAP collection.  Seriously doubt our photos were splashed across the pages of STAR and INQUIRER but free GCs from Adidas made it all worth it.

Note to self: I will not make fun of models ever. AGAIN.  Heck, despite (photo) trigger happy tendencies, it turns out I knew squat about emoting/posing for the cameras.


It was a pretty slow month.  Silly blogger here though considers being able to finish books 1 to 10 of Y: The Last Man the ultimate high.  Unfortunately, maybe due to all the house and wedding preps I haven't been able to read as much as I would have wanted to.  And being the closeted nerdo that I am that really is such a travesty.

Note to self:  This 2010 I shall visit Powerbooks more frequently.  And will stop living the motto, so many books so little time.


Far from being a high, september truly was a pinnacle for most Filipinos.  The wraths of back to back typhoon of Ondoy and Peping, left Manila in the most havoc I've seen in all my 27 years of existence.  Despite the growing heartache and frustrations you just got to admire Filipino resiliency. And I will forever be grateful that family and friends came off it safe and that much more stronger.


This year probably was the most healthy-living-centered I have been.  Two marathons under my belt with my time in each marathon slowly improving. (Well, if you're coming from a 1:28 5km average, 10 minute-deductions seem like a vast improvement) I also reached my 4th year HS weight of 112 lbs.  Now the problem as usual lies with my favorite sin this coming year, how can i say no to eat all you can buffets?!?


After a year and 6 months of being engaged, the fiance and I officially tied the knot in front of family and friends.  The whole day was magical.  I just remember being in this giddy state wherein nothing really matters except who was standing right in front of me.  I kept crying on the way to the church.  And not even the good kind of crying.  No, there's no pasosyal wiping of the tears here, no wonder my false lashes had given up even before the ceremony ended.


Our first Christmas as husband and wife.  Nothing beats the feeling of falling asleep next to the person who gives you the good kind of butterflies and then waking up knowing that everything is as it should be. SOBRANG CHEEZY!


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