Tuesday, June 15

30 before 30 Checklist

 My to do list snapshots 

#18. Roadtrip abroad with a friend.  

With no planned itinerary in mind, Happy Feet and I decided to book a flight from Oahu to Hilo while in Hawaii.  All in the hopes of seeing hot magma flowing at the Volcanoes National Park.  Upon touched down, we rented a Chevy from Alamo (just outside the airport exit) for roughly $50 and took as much guide maps as humanly possible.

The day was much young when this video was taken.  We have yet to get lost, make an illegal u-turn, call the state police, meet a supposed Homeland Security agent and thankfully, marvel at the fantastic view that is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Completing the crater rim trail

inside the Lava Tube

Mauna Loa - World's largest active volcano.
31,000 feet above the ocean floor

Highly recommend spending a day in Hawaii's only World Heritage Site (1987) while in Hilo.  We were also on the lookout for the world's most famous black sand beach, Punalu'u, which was supposedly just a few miles away from the Volcanoes National Park.  However after an hour and so of driving up north with no shore in sight, we decided to head back to the airport.  Next time!

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  1. haha :) wasn't it such an awesome experience? Im looking forward to doing a cross country US roadtrip soon :D